There are lots of reasons why someone may decide to plant grass seeds. For instance, their lawn may look really healthy, but the fight against crabgrass is well and truly on. Hence, by planting more seeds, the lawn will have a chance to strengthen its root system, thereby ensuring the crabgrass can’t make it through. According to TruGreen complaints about crabgrass are just one of the reasons why people may want to plant more grass seed.

Grass Seed – One Solution for Many Problems

When True Green comes in to deliver a lawn care service, they regularly do so because there are brown or dried patches on the lawn. What the company does as part of their lawn service in that case, is try to identify what the cause of the patches is. Sometimes, using lawn seed is all that is needed.

As seen from the various True Green reviews, the problem is often drainage. It isn’t uncommon for a customer to ask for TruGreen to come in because they don’t understand why certain parts of their lawn always seem soggy, whereas others are completely dry. In those cases, different grass seeds may be the perfect solution. For instance, buffalo grass is able cope with a range of different soil conditions, meaning its often more suitable for poor drainage areas.

Dead soil is also a common problem. Unfortunately, it is possible for soil to be entirely drained of any remaining nutrients. This could because of improper drainage, or it could be because the plants and grasses that have grown there required too many nutrients. In these cases, a pH sample is usually taken, and a little bit of lawn fertilizer may be all that is needed. Switching to winter rye grass or another low fertilization need grass may be all that is needed.

Last but not least, seeding may be required if someone simply wants a whole new lawn. A lot of people purchase rolls of turf because it is a lot easier and it provides an instant lawn. However, when using lawn seed, the grass becomes unique and truly establishes itself in the soil that it will have to live in for the rest of its life. Seeding a lawn from scratch can be quite a complex endeavor, however, so it is certainly recommended to ask the professionals to come in and help with this type of work, even if it is just to make the right seed has been selected.

If you find that your lawn is not performing the way it should, it may simply need seeding again, therefore. Do contact True Green for your needs. Look up the various reviews they have received and comment on any that leave you with more questions than answer. And if you find a review helpful, let the company know about this. This is a great way for them to know what they are doing right, and for other customers to determine that they could benefit from the TruGreen services as well.