College football is a way of life. Nowhere else do we see as much players from coaches and players, but most of all from fans. This doesn’t mean it is better – or worse – than the NFL, it is simply about the fact that people truly are passionate about supporting their personal teams. No other sport can do that to this extent, which is why it has always been such a passion for Jack Elway. So what is it about this sport that makes it so passionate? He believes there are 17 key reasons for this.

Jack Elway’s 17 Reasons for Passion in College Football

  1. Every game matters. One game lost means the national championship becomes almost impossible to win.
  2. The rivalry between the teams is amazing, but never to the violence that is seen in hooliganism in other countries, particularly around soccer.
  3. The emotion is real and it is raw. Everybody in college is talking about the game. The air is electric and anyone can feel the tensions.
  4. The rankings are so tight but also so widely differing depending on who ranks you.
  5. It is a tradition, one that is seen in festivities before and after the game, tailgating parties, marching bands, and more.
  6. It is about loyalty. People who support a college football team do so for life and, in all likelihood, their children and grandchildren will as well.
  7. It isn’t about the money. College football players do not get paid at all. They genuinely do it for the love and they need that love back from the fans.
  8. The atmosphere is absolutely outstanding. Everybody is singing, dancing, chanting, and genuinely happy and excited.
  9. The stadiums are out of this world, again because they are so real.
  10. There are far more games. There are 1,000 teams across the NCAA, compared to just 32 teams in the NFL. You could go to three games a day on average, in other words.
  11. The mascots are real! There have been real live wolverines, buffalos, eagles, longhorns, bulldogs, and more.
  12. The game is creative. Players are really learning to develop style and strategy here.
  13. The walk ons are fantastic! Remember Matt Williams walking on in 2008 to take part in a kicking contest and putting home that 30 yard field goal? People will never forget this!
  14. The trophies are amazing. There are different series, each with their own trophy, and they are fantastic. The Old Oaken Bucket, the Peace Pipe, the Gold Boot, and the Paul Bunyan Axe are just a few examples.
  15. It’s accessible and it’s affordable. Again, that is because it is not professional and, while it brings in a lot of money, it isn’t about the money.
  16. It allows for hours of debate and fun arguments while you and fellow fans decide what went well and what could have gone better.
  17. The Heisman Trophy, which is awarded to the best player in the entire game. Again, they don’t get money or any other reward, only the honor of this trophy.