The discipline of civil engineering, as it is known today, trains professionals in designing, building, supervising, managing, and maintaining construction projects such as highways, buildings, canals, airports and seaports, bridges, as well as water supply and sewage treatment systems. In recent years, more people have started enrolling in an online civil engineering degree program to gain the skills and competencies to fill various civil engineering positions. Most civil engineering jobs are full-time as professionals are expected to maintain visibility when monitoring operations or solving problems onsite. Here are some of the highest paying positions for civil engineers.

1. Engineering Project Managers

As the name suggests, these professionals not only plan, direct and organize ongoing projects but also prepare proposals requested by funding agencies, maintain financial records, develop the strategy for project implementation, and ensure that safety regulations are followed throughout the project’s life-cycle. A civil engineering degree is required in addition to excellent communication skills and capacity to work within the set deadlines.

Occupational Employment Statistics released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the salary of these professionals ranges from $56k – $150k annually, though it can go as high as $196k per year. This makes engineering project manager one of the highest paid positions in the field of civil engineering.

2. Senior Civil Engineers

Senior civil engineers are responsible for planning and managing civil engineering works such as buildings, bridges, canals, roads, railways, and other projects. A good educational background, possibly a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, is required as these professionals are also charged with the responsibility of conducting engineering division reviews, approving residential and commercial projects, developing or designing project drawings, and ensuring compliance with codes and standards during the project’s life-cycle.

The best thing is that you can get a civil engineering degree online and then develop the needed practical skills and competencies through an internship. The pay for senior civil engineers, according to recent statistics, ranges from $79k to $132k per year, though it can go as high as $163k annually for those in the private sector.

3. Civil Engineering Managers

The core responsibilities of civil engineering managers revolve around designing, directing, organizing, controlling, and assessing the activities of the engineering unit, project or firm, including integrating all technical activities in a project’s life-cycle. A bachelor’s degree in civil engineering is the minimum educational requirement since these professionals are also responsible for numerous other complex tasks, such as installing, testing, operating, maintaining, and repairing facilities and onsite equipment; directing, appraising, and consenting to project designs and changes; developing and implementing codes and standards for project work; and preparing budgets, bids, and contractual agreements.

An online civil engineering degree program can provide students attracted to this domain with the educational background and skills needed to undertake these activities. Salary statistics for civil engineers show that the average salary of engineering managers ranges from $81k – $97k per year, though it can go as high as $125k annually.

The field of civil engineering is one of the most vibrant and exciting sectors in engineering. And as you can see, it can also be very lucrative. So if you were still looking for a major with high paying prospects, civil engineering might be the right choice for you.