To succeed in most careers, you only need to have the right skills and academic qualifications. But in some careers, this is not enough. You must also have a high level of empathy, for such careers usually combine work and caregiving.

An example is any profession that involves caring for the sick, elderly, young, or those in any need of help. This includes working as a medical professional, veterinarian, counselor, teacher, or customer care representative. Here are these jobs in detail.

1. Counseling

As a counselor, you help people to work through their depression, anxiety, and relationship issues to name a few. To do so effectively, you must empathize with them and see things from their perspective. But, you need to have the right qualifications to practice.

This means getting a counseling degree online from an accredited institution, such as Bradley University. And because the counseling field is competitive, you may need to upgrade your qualifications if you are to beat the competition. So, consider getting an online masters in counseling degree as well.

2. Education

Whether they are at home or in school, children perform best when in the care of a nurturing, compassionate caregiver. Being an educator is, therefore, a good career choice for empathetic individuals.

Although these individuals excel in the education field in general, they have the greatest impact in two key areas – kindergarten and special needs classes. Of all children, it is the young ones, and especially those with learning disabilities, who need empathy the most.

3. Medical Professionals

Patients in pain need more than just medical treatment to ease their suffering. They also need to be handled with patience, care, and gentleness, especially if they are elderly or young. These two vulnerable groups of patients are often fearful of medical procedures.

Therefore, a kind or encouraging word from a doctor or nurse helps to calm them. Sometimes, a brief explanation of the procedure also helps. But it must be done in a caring manner.

4. Veterinarian

Sick animals need as much tender loving care as human patients do, maybe even more, for unlike humans, distressed animals cannot tell a vet what they feel or point out where they are hurting.

The only way they can calm down, thus allowing the vet to treat them, is if he or she reassures them that everything is okay. This reassurance is usually in the form of a calm empathetic tone of voice and gentle handling.

5. Customer Service Representative

This may sound like an odd job for empathetic people, but it is not. In fact, it is perfect for them. See, customer service is about responding to people in need of help. In this case, the people are a company’s clients and the help is about products or services that they have purchased that are giving them trouble.

So, to be an effective customer service representative, you must be empathetic, and with reason. Clients who call customer care are often distressed and by the time they think to call, they are at their wit’s end. What they need most is an empathetic ear at the other end of the line to help them resolve their problem.

As an empathetic person, these are the careers that best match your personality.