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It is essential to learn how you can close any deal in the least amount of steps possible. This skill will stand you in good stead when negotiating at home, in the office or even trying to attract new clients.

It is also especially important f you are starting a new business; you’ll want to close as many deals as possible to establish your firm. Of course, you’ll need to know how to incorporate your business first!

1. Be Direct

Lay out your product and the terms which you are offering. You need to highlight all the positive points and make sure you have answered all their questions.

You can then be direct. “It looks like we’ve covered everything. Are you ready to move forward with this?”

You should get a simple yes but if you get a no the good news is that the deal is not ruined. You can simply ask them what issues still concern them and address those concerns.

The direct approach simply leaves them with no option to say no.

2. Make It Happen

In a very similar vein to the first method you need to ensure your potential customer has had all their questions answered.

Every time you provide them with an answer or solution to a specific issue you need to verify that your product will suit their needs. If they keep saying yes then you have a good indication they want to move forward with the purchase.

State this; “Let’s do this then.” You’re not asking a question, you’re telling them that they are buying. If you’ve read the signals properly then you’ll have no problem closing this way.

3. Assumption

Again you need to have made sure your product is well outlined and they know exactly what they will be getting. If they are making the right gestures but don’t appear convinced then it is a good opportunity to reverse the process.

Imply ask them “What’s your company purchase process that I’ll need to follow?”

By keeping the question light, you are driving them to commit without looking like you’re telling them to buy. It’s a fine line but of you get it right you’ll have closed the deal.

4. Reverse Psychology

Most buyers will make excuses if they are unsure whether your product is the right one for them. To get round this you will need to answer every issue they have until they have no more.

You can then ask them in reverse for the sale; “Knowing the price and the product is there any reason why you would feel unable to do business with us?”

You’re hoping for a ‘no’ which means you can move forward with the sale. However, you should be prepared to follow up if you get a ‘yes’.

5. Using Time

You can make it hard for them to say no by asking them if they have a deadline to get a new product by. Once you have this in mind it is easy to close your deal by simply asking them, “What do we need to do today to make this happen in time?”

You’re committing them to a sale while appearing to be in it together with them. The bond you create will prevent them from backing out at a later date.