A healthy lifestyle is more about making smart choices when it comes to nutrition, habits and physical engagement. Let’s be clear, Goeey Fudge cakes, long TV sprees and endless couch sessions aren’t going to revamp your routine. You need to infuse more disciplined and healthy habits in your lifestyle to take it to a hale & hearty echelon. Follow our top 5 tips on a healthy lifestyle and while you’re on that, how about a free numerology based wellness advice from experts specific to your life? 

Quit Sedentary And Go Hands-on

A latent or sedentary lifestyle is only going to turn you into a couch potato, so make an effort to bring more activity to your daily routine. Grab the stairs instead of the elevator, walk over to your colleague’s desk instead of sending an email, park your car at a distance, and try your hand at a few house chores every now and then. Physical activities such as these should not be confined to a specific day. Build onto the indulgence with zeal as a regular part of your life, plus, it’s a great way to burn some extra calories. Gym sessions? Yes, those are essential if you’re looking for some health & wellness. Include a frequent at-home exercise schedule to maximize the benefits of an active lifestyle. 

Nutrition Counts

Cholesterol and elevated blood sugar levels; bad food is a killer. Understand that and include healthy eating in your dietary routine by making wise choices. Go for whole natural foods, super foods and organic nutrition avoiding processed meals and baked goodies. Steer clear of monounsaturated fats or the trans fats you get from the dude-foods or fast-foods, instead, use plant source fats including polyunsaturated fats. Add more fruits, leafy greens, nuts, wholegrain and dairy products to your meals to get your required intake of essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. 

Don’t Linger Around Oh-Sweet-Yummy Goodies

Craving for a RedBull? How tempting energy drinks and decadent confectionary goods might be, the truth is that they are a significant contributor to some of the most common health concerns like diabetes, obesity and coronary heart disease. According to the American Heart Association, the daily recommended sugar intake for men should be around 9 level teaspoons and 6 for women. Adults on average consume up to 22 teaspoons of sugar a day as per researchers, which is devastating. Cutting back on fizzy drinks and cheesecakes might seem like a herculean task but why risk your health for some luscious indulgence? Limit your sugar intake and go for small portions when it comes to sweet stuff. 

Smokes And Excessive Drinking Are A No-No

Another obstacle to a healthy routine is smoking and too much alcohol. 50% of the people who smoke tobacco have been either disabled or affected by life-consuming ailments including lung cancer. Alcohol impairs your ability to think coherently and can result in liver disease if consumed in excessive amounts. Avoid the two to inculcate more healthy elements in your life. 

Heady Choices & Moderation is Key

Make smart choices and practice portioning if you want to improve your health and lifestyle. The food and drinks portion sizes matter because they add up to those extra kilojoules that make you put on weight. Resist the urge to add heaps onto your palette and opt for moderation eating small meals every 3-4 hours during the day. This will get you more lean muscle mass and a smooth running metabolism.