We live in a World where there are hacks for pretty much everything that we do, lifestyle hacks, job hacks, study hacks and traveling is no exception. In fact, such is the budget of the majority of travelers around the World, hacks are pretty much survival tips for those on the road. If you like to travel or plan on doing some traveling then there are some hacks which you need to know about now which will make your life and your travels significantly easier. We’ve put together 5 of our favorite hacks for you to put to use this year. 

Using a VPN

Watching TV shows and films from your home country is made easy when you use a VPN server. A VPN can be easily downloaded to your computer and allow you to change your IP address to anywhere in the World allowing you to sign into websites and TV channels that would otherwise be restricted.

Be Smart With Credit Cards

Debt isn’t something that many of us like to get into but if you are smart with your credit card usage then you can rack up plenty of benefits which you can use on the road. Many people travel on air miles and loyalty points that they have racked up through using their credit cards and you can really use them to your benefit. The best practice here is to use your credit card to pay for things that you would have normally bought anyway and then pay the bill off at the end of each month.

Avoid Hotels

Hotels are simply not the option when it comes to accommodation on the road, websites like AirBnb have become a roaring success as more and more people look to ret out rooms in their house or their entire homes. The prices are better, the hosts are nicer and the locations are usually much, much better than you will find in a hotel, ignore the hotels and use a private vacation rental for you stay on the road.

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Packing a bag to take traveling will be a long suffering problem that you will need to deal with as you move from place to place. The key to your problem and the method by which you will be able to simplify this age old problem is to roll your clothes. It may sound simple but you’ll be surprised at just how few people have latched on to the idea.

Fragile Baggage

A sneaky tip which will help your bag to get to the front of the queue when it comes out of baggage claim is to place a big FRAGILE sticker across the front of it. We cannot guarantee that the airport staff will handle the bag with care, but nine times out of ten, you will be the one waiting the least time at baggage reclaim as your bag sails out in the first batch.