When you are in love, whether you are dating or in a long-term relationship, things can at times get a little stale. It is important that you keep things fresh and interesting in relationships, especially when it comes to saying those three magic words. Sometimes ‘I love you’ is massively overused in relationships to the point where it can kind of lose its meaning, in other relationships, those three special words simply aren’t said enough. To combat both of these little problems it is important that you find new, interesting and unique ways to tell the person that you love just how you feel and here are 5 ways which can help you to do exactly that.

Do it With Food

Food is a fun and tasty way to tell someone that you love them and you can do so in hundreds of different ways. Something as simple as making some heart shaped food for your lover can have a really nice effect and let them know that you care. There are lots of cool products on the market which can use too like the template which you can put on a piece of bread that says ‘I love you,’ simply pop the bread under the grill and the template will burn into the bread for maximum effect.

Work Surprise

For many of us, work sucks, so why not surprise your loved one at work to let them know just how much you think of them. You could buy flowers and have them delivered to the office, you could speak with your partner’s boss to get them the afternoon off and then surprise them or you could show up yourself at lunchtime just to say ‘I love you’.

Shock Vacation

What better way to tell your loved one how much you care for them than surprising them with a shock trip away. If you want to do it instill then pack their bag up for them (careful with this one men,) book the trip and pick your partner up after work and whisk them away. Alternatively you could say that you are going out to dinner and then bam, arrive at the airport.

Written in the Stars

A cool and novel way in which you can tell someone just what they mean to you is to buy them a star, that’s right, a star in the night sky. There are lots of websites online which sell astrological property and you can not only buy a star, but name it after your partner.

Go Public

If you really want to go big and tell your partner just how much you love them then why not go public. Take out an ad in the newspaper, post a bold statement on Facebook, make a radio request, even put up a poster so that they will see it on their daily commute. Going public is a way of telling your partner that you are not ashamed of your love for them and that you are prepared to tell the World about it.