Nursing is a broad field that has many specialties. This broadness makes it difficult for students in nursing school to determine which specialty to pursue. The choice becomes even harder if a student has an adventurous spirit. Nursing is a demanding career but you will often work in the same place for many years.

However, some nursing careers are both fun and exciting. If you are one of them, here are unusual nursing careers you have probably never thought about.

1. Nursing Informatics

Nursing informatics combines your bachelor of science in nursing degree with information technology (IT). A relatively new field, nursing informatics seeks to manage IT in the health sector. Managing health records is one of the many IT jobs that nurses versed in nursing informatics do.

2. Holistic Nursing

Although many people have only recently heard of it, holistic nursing goes back more than a century. In fact, it traces its roots back to Florence Nightingale and as its name suggests, it focuses on healing the whole person using both alternative medicine and modern technology.

This is in contrast to conventional nursing that treats the only the disease. However, holistic nurses still have to pursue an online nursing degree. Upon completion, they can then specialize in their chosen field.

However, for all its benefits, holistic nursing is not as common as you might think. So, as a holistic nurse, expect to work in private practices and not in mainstream hospitals.

3. Flight Nurse

Being a flight nurse is not only unusual but also both demanding and thrilling. It has all the demands of a normal nursing career, but you practice it while traveling at hundreds of miles per hour in a helicopter or plane.

You deliver quality care for patients who are being transported by air while coordinating with emergency medical teams, doctors, and hospitals on the ground.

4. Oil Rig Nurse

Working as a nurse in an oil rig is perhaps the most demanding and stressful of all the nursing careers on this list. The hours are long and the environment difficult. You will also be miles from civilization for up to six months at a time.

However, oil rig nurses are some of the best paid in the profession and have some of the best perks. For instance, you will never have to cook or do laundry. Both are catered for by the company that hires you. In addition, after working for six months, you get the rest of the year off.

5. Cruise Ship Nurse

Cruise ship nurses are the most laid back lot on this list. After all, working on a cruise ship to ensure the well-being of the ship’s passengers and crew is not at all difficult. Most of the time, you will be treating minor issues, such as cuts and bruises.

On rare occasions, however, you might encounter a serious condition like a heart attack, but being in the warm sun somewhere in the Caribbean will make you forget it ever happened.

Which nursing career appeals most to you?