If you’re excited about the possibility of restoring an older style property to it’s former glory and are in need of a little home renovation advice, continue reading to discover a variety of fool proof home restoration tips from Gary G Friedman which are well worth keeping in mind.

5 Useful Home Restoration Tips to Try Out:

  1. Make sure that your home is structurally sound before you begin your restoration work

Your first step should be to hire an independent inspector to ensure that your home’s foundation and roof are both structurally sound. As if there is a problem with either your home’s foundation or your roof, these issues will need to be rectified before you begin to restore your home’s interior.

It’s also well worth ensuring that your home boasts a sound foundation and a sturdy roof as if your home has issues with either part of your house, you can expect to pay several thousand dollars to rectify the issues. Which may take up a large chunk of your home restoration budget!

  1. Replace your property’s old windows with modern energy efficient windows

One simple way to ensure that your home is a modern, functional space to live in is to replace any outdated windows with modern energy efficient windows. One of the key reasons why its well worth having energy efficient windows installed in your home, is that they help keep your home cool in the summer months and help stop warmth escaping your home, during the long winter months. Which should significantly decrease your energy bills.

  1. Polish and stain your hard wood floors

If you’re lucky enough to live in a home which boasts solid, hard wood floors it’s well worth polishing and staining your hard wood floors, so that they shine, instead of using traditional paint to cover your hard wood floors. If your hard wood floors have been painted with colored paint, simply use a gentle paint stripper in order to remove the paint which is currently covering one of your home’s number one assets.

  1. Use steel wool to get rid of hard to remove paint instead of over using a corrosive paint stripper

If you use a paint stripper to try to get rid of hard to remove paint but find that you’re struggling to remove the last remnants of paint from a wall or your home’s floorboards, simply use steel wool to remove the last bits of paint from your wall of floor. Just make sure to softly rub the steel wool over your surface as you don’t want your steel wool to permanently damage your wall or your flooring.

  1. If possible try to repaint your home in its original colors

Often houses look their best when they are painted in a similar color scheme, to their original color schemes. So if you have an idea of your house’s original color scheme it may be worth trying to find similar color paints to use.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re interested in renovating your home, it’s well worth using the 5 fool proof tips listed above to get started!