It has been proven time and time again, traveling is good for the soul, there are benefits to both the mind and body too and in truth, traveling is a whole lot of fun. Vacations are good but hitting the road with a backpack on is travel in the truest sense of the word and it can actually improve who you are as a person. Let’s take a look at just a few ways that travel can improve who you are as a person and how your character can grow as a result of it.

More Outgoing

There is a fight or flight situation that takes place once you find yourself in unknown lands with people that you don’t know. The first option is not to speak to anyone, spend your days at the tourist attractions taking lonely selfies and your evenings in your AirBnb watching Netflix, this is not a very fun option. As a result of this boring existence, even the most introverted people will find themselves striking up conversations in a group, chatting to strangers and making connections, this will help improve your social skills and help you to become more outgoing.

More Intelligent

As you travel you will pick up an incredible amount of new information, information about different countries and cultures that will make you a more rounded and intellectual person. Much of this knowledge will be gained without you even knowing it from just chatting to people about their lives. Other knowledge will be learned as you take tours and visit tourist attractions and this knowledge will serve you well in the future.

More Empathetic

As you travel you will learn more and more things about other people’s lives, you will also see a lot of people who are a great deal less fortunate than yourself. Witnessing first hand the accounts of those who you only read about or saw on TV will breed a great deal of empathy in yourself which will be something that becomes part of your character for the rest of your life.

More Risky

There is a risk taker in all of us and when you travel, you will need to bring the side of you to the surface. There will always be times on the road when you have to chance it, jumping in a strangers car, trying to blag a freebie, whatever it may be. This is a good skill to have, the ability to take calculated risks and traveling will bring it out of you.

Carpe Diem

Traveling helps you to seize the precious moments in life, it makes you realize what is important and really adds perspective to your life. The ability to live in the moment is not something that is easy to come by but once you have been traveling for a while and witnessing the things that go on around the World, you will learn to understand the power of the moment, a rare thing and something  that you should hold on to.