Whether you’re an avid NFL fan or your favorite team is the Indianapolis Colts, Ryan Grigson believes to discover a variety of interesting facts about the Indianapolis Colts!

Facts About the Indianapolis Colts:

  1. The Colts have taken home two NFL championship titles

The Indianapolis Colts have taken home two NFL championship titles. The first of which was in 1971 and the most recent of which was in 2007.

  1. The Indianapolis Colts home stadium is the Lucas Oil Stadium

The Colts home stadium is the Lucas Oil Stadium, which is conveniently located in downtown Indianapolis and can accommodate a crowd of up to 70,000 individuals. The Lucas Oil Stadium also holds the distinction of having held a Super Bowl final.

Before moving to the Lucas Oil Stadium in 2008, the Colts used to play at the RCA Dome and at Baltimore’s Memorial Stadium.

  1. The Indianapolis Colts have played in the NFL since 1953

The Indianapolis Colts were originally established on the 23rd of January, 1953 and have competed in the NFL for over 65 years. As well as playing in the NFL the Indianapolis Colts have also competed in the American Football Conference since 1970.

  1. The Colts team colors are blue and white

The Colts team colors are royal blue and white. The Colts currently wear two different strips, a royal blue strip, which they wear for home games and a predominantly white strip which the Colts wear for away games.

  1. The Colts have a historic rivalry with both the New England Patriots, the Miami Dolphins and the New York Giants

The Indianapolis Colts has a fierce rivalry with the New England Patriots due to bad blood between Colts’ player and NFL superstar Peyton Manning and his greatest rival, Tom Brady. The latter of whom plays for the New England Patriots.

The Colts also have a rivalry with the New York Giants as the two teams have found themselves in a couple of epic battles over the decades.

Lastly, the Indianapolis Colts also have a rivalry with the Miami Dolphins as at one stage in history the Miami Dolphin’s poached one of the Indianapolis Colts most successful coaches, Don Shula. In fact, up until Shula’s defection to the Miami Dolphin’s he had coached the Colts for 7 full seasons.

So it’s not surprising that there is now a fierce, competitive rivalry between the Indianapolis Colts and the Miami Dolphins.

  1. The Colts boast numerous alumni who have been inducted into the prestigious NFL Hall of Fame

Examples of some of the pro footballers who played for the Colts and have been inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame include Jim Parker, Johnny Unitas, Marvin Harrison, Lenny Moore and Joe Perry.

  1. Jim Isray is the current owner of the Indianapolis Colts

Jim Isray holds the distinction of being both the CEO and the current owner of the Indianapolis Colts. Irsay was just 12 years old when his father originally took ownership of the Colts!

In conclusion, hopefully after reading the list of facts above, your knowledge about the Indianapolis Colts, which is one of the NFL’s most prestigious teams, will have increased.