Every day we are faced with tough life choices to make. From the time you wake up to the time you go to bed, you will have a series of questions to answer. Some of the choices we make are however not as important as others. If you are to choose whether to wear a black or grey suit that is quite a simple decision to make and even if you were to choose one over the other, it will only change very little plus it is only temporary. However when you are faced with the task of deciding who you will have a mate for the rest of your life then this need some thinking and rethinking. It is important to hold that thought until you check on these seven very important ways to use when choosing Mr. Right for you.

  1. How do you feel

I tend to think that relationships are all about the feeling. How do you feel when you are with this other person. How do they make you feel? Do they make you feel appreciated? Do you feel safe or do you feel insecure? These are the kinds of questions that lie in the scale of relationships. If whatever answers you feel hold any weight then you are good to go. Some people will get into some relationships with the hope of changing the other person only to come out as victims of marital abuse. Before you are dragged down that road please evaluate and see how you feel about the other person.

  1. Is the feeling mutual

A study was conducted on what people really think should be entailed in a relationship and you will be surprised to hear that ninety-eight percent of the people believe that relationships are a 50-50 affair. Do I mean that you should not be sure of what you are doing? No! what I am talking about is that in relationships both parties should make effort. This is actually what keeps a relationship going. It is actually what holds a relationship together. You should evaluate and feel if the feeling is from both sites. One keynote speaker, in a relationship seminar once said that a broken engagement is better than a broken marriage.

  1. How committed is your mate

Commitment does not start once you guys are now dating. No! as a matter of fact, I tend to think that it starts when you guys are just friends. Most guys are not known for their commitment after getting into a relationship. It will be very bad to find that you are in a relationship with no commitments. This is what makes people feel that they are not accountable or even answerable to the other. Things can only get bitter and sour from here. Establish if there is a commitment before taking things to the next level.

  1. How stable is your partner?

This is, however, a secondary factor to consider, however it is at the top of the list. You can read more on the secondary factors to get more insight. In this case, I am not talking about financial stability (though it might apply) but rather I am talking about emotionally. This all goes back to the question, How well do you know your partner? Do you know of his previous relationships? What happened to them? From such questions, you can establish if your mate is emotionally stable. Trust me you wouldn’t want to start dating a psycho. Some people have gotten into relationships in a rush without even establishing the background of their mates only to get a very violent or a very possessive guy. This is not the best thing to get into. Take time and learn your partner.

  1. What is your partner’s plan?

Now, this is actually a thing that many people overlook and think that simply because they love each other then everything is covered. On the contrary that is not the case. When getting into a relationship you should clear the air and know what your partner’s plans are and what your plans are and how compatible you guys are. Are your priorities aligned? Have in mind that you may be in that relationship forever. What happens when your mate comes one day and things are never getting as serious simply because he was looking forward only to having a mate to have fun with and nothing more. Get to know what the future really hold for you before getting together.

  1. How transparent is he

Now a life of a lie, over lie, over lie is not very desirable life especially when people are dating. Getting to know your guy clearly is actually a thing that many girls have done a terrible job at. You actually need to know his schedule, how his day runs, how he does things and all that entails him. This is one of the things that prevent a chain of lies. In case you have some doubt on some issue then you can ask the question repeatedly but in a twisted and clever way. If you get the same answer then know you are safe. A relationship full of secrets is a tough place to be.

  1. How proud is he of you

Now, this is actually a deal breaker. There is this breed of guys that will never introduce you to their friend or family and if by any chance you meet their friends he is not very interested in introducing you. Now, this should raise some pretty big questions.  Having a person who is not proud of you is not the best basis for a relationship. In such a case do yourself a favor and do something that future you will thank you for, RUN!!