So, you were driving on a breezy, wide road in the fast lane and suddenly you met an accident. After all the screaming and yelling die down, the reality settles in. Now that your car is damaged, what to do?

Worry not, here are 8 important decisions you need to make after a car accident:

Notify the Higher Authorities

Call your insurance company, the police department and an ambulance immediately (no need for ambulance if the accident isn’t severe). Delaying the process might cause problems such as lack of cooperation and rejection of the claim for insurance.

Take Down the Following Information

Simply note details such the other car’s registration number, the driver’s (and all the people involved) cellphone number, their name, the address and insurance company information. Ask for details from witnesses (if any) to further verify the circumstances to the police. Taking pictures of the scene and your injuries is also encouraged. The visuals can help police officer to ascertain your claim. Also, ask the police officer where you can get the copy of the accident report.

Avoid Aggressive Behavior

Do not creating a scene and stay calm. Avoid aggressive behavior and abusive language on the road. This will not only make you look bad, but might also go against you.

Exchange Info

You should also exchange info with the other driver after filing the report with the police officer. This must include:

  • Full name and contact information
  • Insurance company and policy number
  • Driver’s license and license plate number
  • Type, color and model of vehicle
  • Location of accident

Health Check

you need to visit a doctor to treat any injuries like cuts and scrapes, bruises and swellings, or fracture and dislocations. This should be your first priority no matter how minor the accident was. Would you be compensated for your loss and the loss of others, depend on your insurance policy.

A car accident might also result in post-trauma effects, therefore, it is wise to visit a psychiatrist for medical checkup. The psychiatrist will help you overcome the aftershocks of the unfortunate event and loss (if any).

Protect your Rights

It is always wise to consult with your attorney straight after the accident. The legal advice can save you a lot of trouble and get the insurance claim you deserve as well as receive the best medical treatment.

Visit the Mechanic or Repair Shop

Accidents bring destruction. In severe accidents, most parts of the vehicles break down, which definitely require replacement. In such a case, buy genuine spare parts from an online car parts store like

Drive with Caution

Next time you take the car out on the road, drive with caution. Take care of the speed limits and do not forget to wear the seat belt. Keep your eyes on the road and avoid distractions; do not take calls or text while driving. Use the side-view mirrors to stay aware of any incoming fast cars. If the post-trauma effects still exist, then it is better to not drive the car for a couple of months till you have fully recovered.