The world of private investigators is one which is highly secretive, presenting the idea of men and women working in the shadows to find out key information for their clients. Many individuals and businesses rely on private investigators for their information, but what is it that they actually do. Many private investigators begin working in this position following a career in law enforcement, such as Adam Quirk FBI-trained investigator who went into the position following the end of his career. There are many different aspects of the role of a private investigator and today we are going to take a look into some of them.

Police Work

any private investigators will get involved with some degree of police work, usually hired by the defence team in a court case. Rather than helping the police in such a situation, private investigators are usually hired by attorneys. Within this role a PI could take on any number of tasks from finding out information, locating documents or even carrying out interviews. Private investigators are often greatly favoured because of their impartiality, a great asset for any criminal justice defence team.


Many private investigators will also be contracted by private businesses for a wide range of different tasks. Whether finding out information on potential candidates for the business, looking into the background of individuals with whom they are going to do business, or even looking into a company on the whole. There are also a lot of businesses who will hire a private investigator to help with loss prevention, or maintaining legality, a particularly important aspect for businesses that operate in the financial world. Whilst private investigators do their best to work alone and remain impartial, there are many who will work long term with  private business.

Personal Matters

There are many personal and private matters which these men and women will also be contacted to look into. For example let’s say that a husband suspects his wife of adultery, in order to make sure that his suspicions are accurate, he may well hire a private investigator to look into the behaviour of his wife. Equally investigators can be hired to look into matters of childcare in the midst of a custody battle. If a parent has a suspicion that the other parent is not giving their child the best care, they could also hire and investigator to look into this, both for the child’s welfare and so that they can take the findings to court and present them in front of a judge.

How it is Done

So how exactly do PIs do their job? Well, the reason that most are ex-law enforcement, is because they have built up a solid list of contacts on which they can rely. Private investigators will do their fair share of following and tracking people, but much of their success comes from their contacts in high places, who are able to get hold of information which can help them out.