Productivity equates to products which will allow you to make profits. Of course, you also need to create an audience for the sales and potentially create the demand. But, if your sales team is doing their job effectively then the productivity of your workforce will be essential to your success.

You may have already considered the productivity of your employees and the possible options available to you. In fact, most business people will have heard about speakers for kick-off conferences; but this is just one of the options available to you.

Productivity Effects Everyone

When you hear the word ‘productivity’ you probably think about the factory worker, producing one piece of project. More specifically you may be wondering how you can get them to complete 20 in a day instead of 10.

But productivity applies to everyone; the salesman should be productive in bringing in enough sales per day; the finance team must monitor and control the finances to ensure you have all the information you need; when you need it.

Unfortunately, productivity can easily slip in any firm. Here’s how to improve it:

Hire a Motivational Speaker

You can choose to hire inspirational or motivational speakers to motivate your staff. Simply select a speaker who has knowledge of your particular industry and knows how to portray a message.

They can inspire the workforce with a story of triumph over adversity and leave them wanting to do more. This will boost morale and productivity.


Most people respond well when there is an incentive to do so. You will need to be able to measure their current productivity and determine a reasonable target.

Should they reach this target you can offer them a reward. It could be financially based or even additional tie off or more flexible hours. The key is to choose what is most important to them.

Providing the target is realistically reachable you will see a jump in productivity. You can even revise the target in the future.

Responsibility & Authority

Everyone will work hard to produce quality pieces and as many as possible if they are responsible for their actions and able to make decisions which influence their work.

This moves away from the principle of micro managing and allows each employee to fulfill their potential.

Not only will they be more productive, you may be surprised at the results and how much extra time you free up.

Upgrade Equipment

If you are expecting the best from your employees then you need to give them the right tools to work with. Although it may mean spending money; giving them the best possible equipment will have two positive effects on productivity:

  1. Valued

Your staff will feel valued and more secure if you are investing in them and their jobs. It will certainly be unlikely that their job is on the line. They will respond to this by working harder for you.

  1. No Excuses

Having all the right tools at their disposals will remove any excuses for poor productivity; returning to the idea of responsibility and accountability for their actions.

Mix It Up

Finally, wherever possible you should mix-up their workload. People will become stifled if they complete the same job day after day. But, if you give them different challenges they will be more motivated, more interested in their work and much more productive!