Each person on the globe ages. It is a perfectly normal thing to happen and we should embrace it. You know, it’s called the golden age of life for a reason. However, just because you are retired, it doesn’t mean that you should stop moving. Actually, it is vital that in this period you start exercising, since that is the way to stay in great shape and preserve your health. Complement exercise with proper diet and you get a winning combination. Let’s see what exactly you get by staying active in this period of your life.

Heart issues

Staying physically active helps with the prevention of heart diseases. It is common knowledge that a heart disease is responsible for almost one in four deaths in the US, according to the CDC. Due to the good effects of exercising, particularly on blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol, it is vital that you keep putting in some exercise on a daily basis. Even if it’s just a half an hour walk in the park. Even that amount of physical activity can help to prevent serious heart diseases among elderly people.

Brain health

Did you know that exercising boosts blood flow to every organ in the body? Yes, that means your brain, too. Numerous studies have found that staying active improves your ability to think clearly, multi-task and plan in advance. This is especially the case if you pick activities that involve thinking. And those include tennis, dancing, yoga, tai chi, etc. There you have to think in order to participate. And don’t worry, there are communities such as the modern Bellmere one where you can socialize and exercise with your contemporaries. You’ll see, the more you practice some kind of exercise, the more you’ll enjoy it.

Good for sleep

Aging is a process that affects almost everything in our bodies. And as such, it also takes its toll on the quality of sleep because it affects the hormones. And when you mix imbalanced hormones with medications, you get a really difficult situation when it comes to sleep. So, that’s another reason to exercise since exercise promotes restful sleep. And these are the words of Richard Dupee, MD, who is the chief of geriatrics service at the Tufts Medical Center. Furthermore, he went on to add that yoga in particular is especially effective. Daily yoga practice considerably improves sleep quality and quantity!

Fights depression

It is a common thing to get depressed as the time goes by. We all have our ups and downs and that’s what life is about. However, statistics show that as we age we tend to become more depressed. But, there is a way to fight that feeling. Physical exercise, especially something that is performed in a group setting, can actually reduce that awful feeling and sadness in general by as much as 30% or more. Therefore, consider taking up that dancing class next time you get a chance. It will be both fun and healthy for you.

Exercising means no falling

Unfortunately, falls contribute to more than 90% of hip fractures in adults over 70. But, in order to combat this issue, you have to work out. Exercise helps to improve strength but it also does wonders for your coordination, flexibility and balance. And these are of the utmost importance to the prevention of falls. On top of that, when you exercise you get stronger and, therefore, even if you do fall, you’ll minimize the seriousness of the injury.

Quality of life

The vast majority of elderly people want to maintain independence and functionality as the time goes by. Regular exercise will do just that. For example, thirty minutes of daily exercise along with a little bit of strength training (2 times a week, non-consecutive days) can help with the muscle mass increase which certainly improves flexibility, balance and lung capacity. These are essential for a comfortable and enjoyable life where one doesn’t have to rely completely on someone else’s assistance.

Simply put, there is no way that a little bit of exercise can hurt. On the contrary, it will do wonders for you. As you can see, the benefits are numerous. So, find that motivation and get moving. The best is yet to come!