Ladies out there have a difficult choice when it comes to what to use during their period, it varies form person to person depending on what kind of flow you have of course and there are benefits to each of the feminine hygiene products that are out there on the market. Tampon have been the far more successful method used by most women across the World to absorb the menstrual flow and whilst many will use pads and towels, often the absorption cannot match that of a tampon.

Today however we are going to talk about the benefits of the menstrual cup and how it can benefit you greatly should you decide to replace your usual tampons with this alternative method of dealing with your time of the month.

What is a Menstrual Cup

Often referred to as a moon cup, a diva cup and indeed, a menstrual cup, this is a piece of equipment which can greatly help you during your time of the month. The menstrual cup is inserted in to the vagina and instead of absorbing the flow of blood it collects it within the cup. The cup must be removed between every 4 and 12 hours per day in order to empty the cup of its contents.

What Benefits Are There

Tampons can prove costly over time, they cannot be reused and as such will be a constant expense. The menstrual cup can be sanitized and used for up to 5 years before you will need to replace it. Not only are menstrual cups more cost-effective but they are also far more eco-friendly. Many users say that the menstrual cup is far more comfortable than a tampon and it also helps them to be able to use and feel comfortable in, a wider range of clothing.

Many health professionals also promote the use of menstrual cups as there are times when they will need to know the amount of fund which the woman is producing, unlike a tampon, a menstrual cup will give an instant result when it comes to how much fluid is being produced.

Usage of tampons has also, in some extreme cases been linked to toxic shock syndrome, a potentially fatal bacterial illness which has been inextricably linked with tampon usage. As yet there have been no known cases of toxic shock syndrome as a result of menstrual cup use.


Whilst many women do take a small amount of time to get used to inserting and removing their menstrual cup, the majority of users say that the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. Using a menstrual cup is cost effective, kinder on the environment, helps users to feel far more comfortable when they are having their period and is medically, the smarter decision.

Why not give it a try next time you have your period, remember that you can always switch back to your tampon if you don’t feel as though it is for you.