As we move quickly into the gig economy, more and more businesses will find themselves with part time employees and having to take on all of the issues, both business and regulatory, that have to do with managing this type of workforce.

For business owners who have their hands full already running their companies and beating back the competition, this represent a scary scenario. Every strategy they currently use from hiring to motivating employees will have to be rethought, and there might even need to be a change of management because of the new factors that will determine success or failure.

One thing that can bring some comfort to business owners is that there is software and organizations dedicated to keeping businesses thriving in this new and different world. If a smart business owners uses these tools and companies to their benefit that can be sure to thrive in the modern economy.

Temporary Staffing Companies

Many businesses today are using more and more part time workers. And many of these part time workers are needed at inconsistent times making their hiring by companies a losing proposition. If you hire the worker on a contract, you will have to pay the worker when there is no work, and if you do not have the worker available at all times, then you will have a labor shortage when things are at their busiest. This dilemma is causing churning a tens of thousands of businesses across the country today.

Many others have turned to companies like Shiftpixy who can provide short notice temporary part time employees on demand. The employees are trained and function as contractors eliminating the need for the company to have to go through the hiring process and pay the accompanying taxes and insurance that it would have to pay for an employee. In the end the company saves time and money and gets the exact employee head count when they need it.

Online calendars

Having part time employees can often mean workers who are not fully coordinated with full time employees> as a result there is time and resource waste taking place daily. With a variety of tasks always needing to be tackled, you are bound getting thing to operate smoothly is a difficult task. This is where collaborative calendars become useful. Collaborative calendars are set up online and can be viewed and updated based on permissions given by the calendar poster. Because an entire, team, shift, or department can view time schedules, tasks and achievements as they occur, it increases efficiency and eliminates task overlap.

Logistics Software

Having to bring employees together in extreme weather conditions can be very challenging. Imagine trying to get your employees to a location in Denver during a winter snowstorm. There are apps that can help you to get all of your people together on time and the right location. Additionally, there are apps that help coordinate meeting locations as well. There are others still that not only help you rent cars, but assist with gas stations in the area and even parking.

With these tools and companies you can manage your part time employees in a way that causes your company to be more efficient and effective.