Had enough shoveling snow and walking through slush half the year? If you have been looking at mortgages in Florida, we don’t blame you, as winters in the north get worse the older you get.

While there are a variety of destinations you can get away to in the Sunshine State, a select few offer a wide slate of activities and opportunities to meet up with fellow snowbirds.

In this article, we’ll share our top picks for establishing a winter base in Florida.


1) Miami

If you are a dyed in the wool urbanite, we advise against spending your winters in a purpose-built community, as many require you to jump in the car if you want to do anything besides go to the beach.

When you buy a home or condo in Miami, you’ll have ready access to world class culture through institutions like the Perez Art Museum and neighborhoods like Little Havana.

Restaurants and nightspots in Miami Beach stand ready to entertain you with a variety of themes and budgets, and there are plenty of world class beaches close by which will enable you to get your daily dose of Vitamin Sea.

If you need the constant stimulation that a city provides, Miami is where you’ll want to be.

2) Key West

Crave the Caribbean, but don’t want to forgo your favorite American conveniences? Key West is about as close as you’ll get to this ideal in Florida, as it lies within 90 miles of Cuba, making the most southerly point in the contiguous United States.

Luminaries such as Ernest Hemingway have called this place home in the past, and with a carefree attitude towards life, this town still attracts a laid back clientele to this day.

If you are a member of the LGBT community, there has also been a thriving scene here for decades, making it a great place for them to spend the winter months.


3) St. Petersburg

If your biggest bone to pick with winter revolves around its lack of light, then you should seriously consider spending your time in St. Petersburg.

Winters in Western Florida’s highest profile resort city are warm and dry – in fact, there was a period between 1967 to 1969 where the sun shone every day.

Along the beach, keep an eye open for the Don Cesar Hotel, a brilliantly pink hotel that has been a beacon of rest and relaxation for generations.

When you feel like enjoying some major league sports, the Tampa Bay Rays play at nearby Tropicana Field – with tickets as cheap as $9, it is an affordable way to get out of your beach house for an evening of entertainment.