One of the best way for candidates to present themselves and what they stand for during elections is through flyers. It is certainly true that there are many other types of promotional materials, ranging from stickers to tarpaulins and from pens to big banners, but flyers seem to always be the most popular. There are many different reasons for this, but one of the biggest is the fact that flyers are very affordable. Paper is both eco-friendly and economical, even if you choose a premium type, such as laminated paper that can even survive a drink spill. Flyers are also very flexible, enabling people to put on as much or as little information that they want, in whatever format. For Southold resident Chris Halajian, they truly are a must-have during any campaign.

Chris Halajian on How to Get the Most Out of Flyers

If an election is about to take place in a certain town, printing offices usually start to have special offers. They know that they have to come up with the best value for money if they are to get the business. Another thing they often do is develop other promotional products that can be added to the flyers. For instance, some will offer billboard posters on the main route into town, others will offer a Monday advertisement in the paper, others will include pens, and so on.

It is very important to consider what to put on a flyer as well. Usually, the most prominent details are the name of the candidate, as well as their photograph. Once upon a time, that is all that these flyers would include, but today’s voters are savvier, and they want to know what the candidates represent. Hence, things such as which estate in Mattiuck the candidate is from, what their stance on health, education, and police budgets is, their education, and more are all of importance and should be included on the flyer.

The modern flyer, in other words, is an informative piece. It is something that tells a story and that enables people to truly get to know their prospective representatives. Designing flyers has become a true art, therefore, because it has to have an eye-catching design, but also necessary information presented in such a way that people want to keep reading them.

A small word of warning: flyers are called such because of their ability to fly around. They are made from paper, and people often have a tendency to simply drop them on the floor. Someone who is running for an election should be aware of this, because nobody will vote for someone who doesn’t have the environment and sustainability in mind anymore. One possible consideration to make, therefore, is to use flyers printed on recycled and recyclable paper. Alternatively, candidates could also publicly demonstrate they care by taking part in a post-campaign clean-up, picking up their flyers and showcasing that they truly care about their community at the same time.