If you’re like millions of people today you might be experiencing debt that you’re struggling to pay off. It’s nothing new and it’s also nothing to be ashamed of. It’s quite common to get in financial trouble when wages stay lower than they should and the costs of living rise. With so many expenditures needing to be covered including food, rent, utility bills, transportation, car payments, insurance and more it’s easy to continually see your paycheck dwindling before it’s even payday. Here are a couple of clever ways to make some money to help pay those debts off. Which will you try?

Selling Items No Longer Needed

It’s no surprise that we all accumulate things that we eventually don’t need, don’t want or can’t use and instead of doing the smart thing – passing them on to someone who can, selling them from the get go or just not buying them, we tend to put them away to collect and gather dust and take up room in our closets, attics and basements. Why not have a bit of a clear out and sell those things you don’t need. You’d be surprised how much money certain things can fetch these days. For example, mint condition first editions of many Disney VHS tapes  from the early 1990s can sometimes go for $150+ depending on the title. That’s pretty good for something that might just be hiding out in your attic, right?

Playing Games

While those who are well versed with certain games such as World Of Warcraft might be able to make a small fortune doing things like selling accounts, mining gold or selling characters the rest of us have options too! For example you can play mega millions online, online casino games, various lottery games and the like. A lot of these offer great subscription options too so you never miss a draw. You have to be in it to win it, right? With direct debit options you can ensure you will never miss a draw, meaning your chances of winning never dwindle. Setting aside even just $10 per month to play with can mean you can still win enough cash to pay a bill – or even just have fun after paying everything you have to. Win – win!

Sell Your Skills

Are you an awesome baker? Chef? Artisan of some sort? Did you know there’s a HUGE and GROWING market for things of this nature? From hand embroidered clothing, bags, hats and more to just homemade pies, cakes and soups being sold at your local farmers or artisan markets, you can be in for a serious cash injection! The more handmade a look these days the more likely it is to sell, especially online. Have you considered opening a shop on the likes of eBay or Etsy? Both are fantastic for selling items you make yourself along with things you no longer need. If that isn’t quite your speed, consider selling your time on the likes of People Per Hour or Fiverr – freelancing sites that allow everyday people like you to make a bit of side cash by helping people on projects for an agreed fee.

So how will you take advantage of all the options available these days? Be sure to check your local listings for second jobs too that could be of use – you never know what kinds of quirky jobs with great perks you might find! Good luck!