As a room that is often challenging to bring to energy balance, the bathroom is known for its bad reputation in feng shui practices. However, with a few alterations, it’s possible to achieve good feng shui even in this area. The practical and functional nature of the bathroom tends to leak energy, as well as to accumulate lower vibrations. Still, not many of us are in the position to alter, or even less likely, design a new floor plan, so we have to deal with what we’ve got. Now, we’ll analyse various bathroom locations within a home and provide tips for creating good feng shui.

Aligned with the front door

Even though this is a quite frequent and seemingly practical arrangement, a bathroom that is aligned directly with the front door is bad feng shui. As a matter of fact, any room that is directly facing the front door, whether it’s a home office or living room, creates an unfavourable energy drain. The problem is that Universal energy, also known as or Chi, enters the home through the front door, and can easily escape through the bathroom drains.

The first thing you can do is to place a mirror on the outside of the bathroom door, to prevent Chi from entering and going down the drain. Keeping the bathroom door closed at all times is a general feng shui tip concerning all bathrooms, regardless of the location, but in this case, it’s essential. In addition, create a strong focal point, or energy landing close to the main entry to divert Chi from escaping through the bathroom.

In the centre of home

In feng shui philosophy, the centre of the house is known as the yin-yang point, or the heart of the space, and is generally considered bad feng shui. Not unlike a human heart, this is a spot where all the other baguas, or feng shui areas, receive energy from. As a point related directly to the health of the home, the centre place needs to be open, filled with light and have a sense of beauty about it.

If your bathroom is architecturally positioned in the home centre, keep it clean and clutter free at all times, but bring a sense of beauty to it, such as art, candles, flowers, and essential oil diffusers. When choosing bathroom fixtures, look for aesthetically-pleasing shapes, like this sophisticated and elegant free standing bath, or a single-glass-paned floor shower stand. Also, be mindful of the bathroom’s air quality and include air purifying plants. Centrally-positioned bathroom calls for earth or fire elements of décor, as those two will absorb the excess water element from the bathroom.

In the Money Area

The energy in the money area is constantly shifting, so you need to constantly monitor the quality of feng shui in this bagua. First and foremost, the money area needs to be kept clean and orderly at all times. Next, you should use colours from either wood, water, or earth elements, such as brown and green, blue and black, sandy and light yellow, but avoid the colours representing the element of fire.

You can also decorate with 8 stalks of lucky bamboo, which is considered a great feng shui remedy for wealth and abundance. While it’s important to keep the bathroom clutter-free, you can still decorate with items that create rich and energizing feng shui energy flow, such is a bowl of crystals such as citrine, pyrite, amethyst or jade.

In the Love and Marriage bagua

The feng shui practice of balancing the energy flow in the home often exemplifies bathrooms as areas which are difficult to bring to balance, while bedrooms, on the other hand, are spaces where we need a lot of positive sensual energy. For some practitioners, having the bathroom and bedroom in the same southwest bagua brings up concerns that the space will be broken by unfavourable energy level of the bathroom. What is more, many small apartments and bedroom suites have a bathtub or a vanity sink within the bedroom.

So, in order to keep the bedroom full of loving yin, or feminine energy, it’s essential to keep the bathroom energy fresh and strong. Begin by fortifying the signature element of love and marriage bagua, which is earth. However, both fire and earth element colours, such as luscious red for walls, and warm earthy colour for the floor, are perfect for the love area. In addition, you may want to have a strong energy focal point such as an accent composition of two real candles girded with rose quartz crystals.

The bathroom area is definitely challenging to balance, but not impossible. One thing to have in mind is that bathrooms will always keep draining energy, no matter where they are located, so there is no ideal location. However, by weakening the bagua area of your bathroom, you won’t help it, just make it worse. Instead, your efforts should be directed to shifting the energy away from the bathroom or allowing the clear flow-through by bringing the good feng shui up from the inside.