Unfortunately, Green Door West does not currently carry clones or seeds. But check our menu, as it frequently changes.

What’s the Difference Between Clones or Seeds?

As marijuana growers, we have a choice between choosing to plant clones or seeds. A clone is a cutting from the “mother plant,” which is genetically identical to the parent. Unlike seeds, you can be certain the clone is female because it is selected for that reason. The advantages of a clone are you know the strain, yield, and strength.

For indoor growers, you shorten the growth cycle by a month or more. The disadvantages to clones versus seeds are clones can carry disease or pests, which could infect your whole garden. Another disadvantage to clones is that the strain you’re looking for may not be readily available. Clones may lose strength over time including potency, yield, and overall growth size.

Marijuana seeds have advantages. Seeds are easy to store and transport. When buying from reputable seed banks, you can be sure they have great genetics and come from good origins. You will also know which strains you’ll be getting and have more choice in the variety of strains you can choose from.  Another advantage to buying seeds is the variety you can purchase online, by mail order, and in marijuana dispensaries.

The disadvantages of seeds are that they grow both male and female plants, which you will then have to cull. This can be a challenging task, because if you don’t select the right gender (female), unwanted pollination of the crop can occur. Another disadvantage to seeds is that they will grow similar to, but not identical, to the mother plant.

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