Tired of taking orders from idiotic bosses? While you have been flirting with the possibility of buying that cell phone repair franchise you’ve had your eye on, you’re unsure whether you could hack it running your own business.

Below, we’ll run some simple business ideas by you that anyone with enough drive can get off the ground. After a year of keeping one of these companies afloat, you’ll be ready to move on to bigger and better things if you wish. Let’s get into it below…

1) Rent out extra rooms in your home through social sharing sites

Have a spare bedroom that is currently serving as a storage room for your stuff? Sell your useless crap and put your extra sleeping space up for rent on sites like Airbnb or Craigslist.

While the idea of welcoming random strangers into your home can be unnerving, know that most people are good – if they weren’t, the bed and breakfast industry wouldn’t exist.

By learning a few hospitality industry basics, such as making sure your room is as comfortable as a hotel room, and offering the amenities budget travelers are looking for, you won’t have any trouble booking yourself solid.

2) Become a professional babysitter

Stop rolling your eyes – you might think this is a job that is reserved for teenagers, but when you think about it, who would you rather have watching your kids? A responsible adult or an inexperienced person who might react in unpredictable ways in crucial situations?

Only social conventions have kept this necessary business a near-exclusive domain for teens. As such, there is nothing stopping you from getting trained in First Aid and CPR, and using your past/current experience as an actual parent to take care of other people’s little ones.

Countless moms and dads who can’t find someone qualified to mind their kids will beat a path to your door once you put yourself out there.

3) Mount a snowplow to your truck and build a client base

Does it snow copiously where you live each winter? If you hear constant complaints from neighbors about all the shoveling they have to do on a near daily basis, you can make a ton of money during the colder months taking this annoying problem off their shoulders.

Once you build up a roster of happy clients, you can then take shots at the big money commercial contracts, which may provide enough money to sustain you for the rest of the year.

If you like traveling, you can also spend the rest of the year living it up in lower cost jurisdictions around the globe.