There’s a lot that each and every one of us can do to be more environmentally friendly. Programmable thermostats can decrease HVAC system usage, changing the light bulbs to LEDs can use less energy, and filling up our recycling bins each week are all great ways to go green.

But, did you know you can go green by altering your spending habits?

Pay attention to how you spend your money by following these tips, and you can help save the environment in the process.

Skip Paper and Pay Electronically

The kind of money you spend matters. Producing coins and paper money costs the world resources. Not to mention, all that paper from checks, envelopes, and stamps!

Instead, skip all that paper and pay electronically. You can process payments online, you can use a credit card to pay when you go to the store, and you can even use Remitly to send money to friends and family overseas without having to write a check!

Only Buy What You Need

Do you really need another handbag? Chances are, the answer is “No.” Especially when you consider how hard the manufacturing process can be on the planet.

Instead, only buy what you need. You’ll feel good about lessening the demand of goods, which means reduced manufacturing and mining of resources. You’ll also feel good knowing that what you bought won’t eventually end up in the landfill. Not to mention, not buying all that stuff will keep your home clutter-free!

Choose Where You Spend Your Money Wisely

You can’t avoid buying things forever. Eventually, you will need to replace that purse or buy a new pair of leggings. Instead of heading to your nearest discount store, search for an environmentally conscious company.

Where you spend your money matters. Even if it costs a bit more, it’s worth the extra cash to support businesses that do their part to take care of the environment.

When it’s time to do a little shopping, look for companies that:

  • Provide fair wages to their workers
  • Use recycled materials
  • Donate their time or money to good causes
  • Use renewable energy sources

The more we buy from eco-conscious brands, the quicker less eco-friendly businesses will change their ways, or they will be forced to go out of business.

Buy Things That Will Last

It’s important to look for an eco-friendly business that you want to support with your money, but the items you buy matter too. You need to purchase items that will last.

Look for things that are made out of high-quality materials. For example, a solid wood table can last for decades, while a cheap plywood table will end up in the landfill in just a few years.

How you spend your money matters. Not only does it matter to your finances, but it matters to the environment as well! With the tips on this list, you can feel good knowing the way you spend your money is improving the planet.