Everybody knows that vaping isn’t just a passing fad, it is here to stay. It is a great alternative to tobacco, particularly because it enables you to enjoy the satisfaction of smoking, including the relaxation, without the terrible health problems. So just what are the benefits of vaping to know about before you head to your favorite online smokeshop store?

You Won’t Stink of Ashtray

People who vape have a lovely smell around them, depending on their chosen flavor. This smells so much better than the tobacco smell associated with regular smoking!

It Costs Less

Smoking is really expensive, mainly because of the taxes. Those taxes are in place to stop people from smoking, but it isn’t really working. With vaping, you purchase your e-cigarette once, and all you have to still buy is your juice and the occasional new cartridge. This is way cheaper than what you pay for cigarettes.

There Are no Additives

There are thousands of chemicals in cigarettes and other tobacco products. Vape oils, by contrast, do not contain any additives. This makes them much better on the body. Also, the only addictive substance you will still consume is the nicotine, although you can also choose nicotine free alternatives.

You Will Slow Down the Aging Process

Smoking makes you look old before your time. It gives your skin a greyish tint and makes fine lines and wrinkles appear much quicker. When you stop smoking and start vaping, you avoid all of this, leaving you looking younger and more radiant than ever before.

Smoking Is Linked to Cancer

It is no secret that smoking tobacco products can lead to cancer. This is because of all the harsh chemicals that take up residence in your lungs, slowly destroying them and causing cell mutations. Vape oils don’t have any of these problems. They won’t lead to asthma or chronic coughing either. You will feel better overall and may just increase your lifespan as well.

No More Ash, Ashtrays, Lighters, and More

In order to vape, all you need is your e-cigarette and your oil. They often come in easy to use carriers, although you can also hold your e-cigarette in your pocket. It is very lightweight so won’t get in your way either. Plus, you can use it anywhere you like – although some locations, like public places and airplanes have banned them now – and never have to worry about getting ash all over. No stinky ashtrays all over your home, no more panicking when you can’t find your lighter, no more worrying about whether you have gum on you to freshen up your breath.

They say there is no smoke without fire, but there certainly is vape without fire! It is cheaper, better for your health, and far less hassle. And don’t worry about the scary stories of exploding e-cigarettes or secret hidden ingredients in vape oils. When you consider national health departments want to introduce these devices to help people stop smoking, you know that it won’t harm you.