This Easter why not get your home ready with some of these helpful tips and tricks to turn your home into an Easter wonderland. We have lots of great ideas here at Psychopoeia and we’ve been heavily inspired by the team at My Voucher Codes who have put together an awesome Easter Hack Pack to help you get ready for the upcoming festivities. Let’s take a look at how you can get yourself ready.

Egg Decoration

What better way to give your home that real Easter feel than with plenty of decorated eggs around the place to go alongside the delicious chocolate. The best way to prepare an egg for decoration is to first empty the contents. To do this in the best way, and the least messy, you need to prick a hole in the top and bottom of you egg. Place a strip of sellotape around the centre of the egg to prevent it form cracking and then using a straw, blow into one of the holes which should see the contents empty out from the other end. Once you have your hollow egg then you can decorate it in any way that you or the family see fit and the more the better!

Fun Game Ideas

There are loads of Easter-themed games which you can play to get everyone in the mood for the festivities and here are some ideas.

  • Egg Hunt

An egg hunt will keep everyone entertained and will make sure that you will have some eggs to take away with you after the fun. Simply hide some eggs throughout the house and in the garden and see who can find the most, kids will love this game and the lure of a chocolate egg will keep them searching all day.

  • Guess How Many

Another fun game for everyone to play is guessing how many eggs are in the jar, simply fill up a glass jar with lots of chocolate eggs of varying sizes, remember to count how many you have put in and then ask everyone to have a guess as to how many they think are in there. Whoever gets closest gets to take the jar of eggs home with them.

Awesome Decorations

There are loads of options when it comes to decor for your Easter time around the home and you can make many of these without needing to buy too many items. Bunny ears for hats, egg baskets dotted around the house and even adding some bunny prints around the place will help to give your home that authentic Easter feel.

Bringing It In On Budget

Getting planned for Easter doesn’t have to cost the Earth and there is much that you can do to ensure you bring the cost of decorations and games down. Search through cupboards and drawers for anything lying around that you could use for decorations. When it comes to picking up supplies like chocolate eggs or little bits of decorations, take advantage of discount shops who usually sell in bulk for great prices. Finally for buying Easter eggs, make sure that you take advantage of multi-buy offers in the supermarket, you will see them every year and the sooner you get in, the better.

Make this Easter extra special and get your home ready for some fun.