According to the Internet Live Stats website there are more than 1,100,000,000 active websites online right now. With approximately 3 billion people online, the vast majority of these sites receive little or no monthly traffic. However other websites see millions of visitors a day. Why do some website get so much traffic while others barely any? There are a variety of reasons and some are ones to take to heart if you want understand why you visit the most popular websites.

The most popular websites:

Use SEO Strategies to Attract Visitors: The top sites understand that in order to attract new visitors they must be positioned optimally on the leading search engines. To do this effectively, they utilize SEO strategies just like a top search engine optimization company.

Know how to use graphics and pictures effectively: Web developers know that website visitors expect to see great graphics and that great graphics can hold a visitor’s interest. So there use is unquestioned. But there is a real art to placing graphics and pictures on your site so that they add to the overall experience. Too many and it is overwhelming or distracting, not enough and the site looks boring. A rule of thumb is to place pictures where they seem obvious and if you go more than three long paragraphs without one, it is probably time to put one in. This is a general rule and can be modified based on the type of content your site displays. If for example, people come to your site for medical information it may be best to have fewer pictures in general, and more if you need to show how a certain medical condition might look at different stages. And graphics and pictures of course should be high quality and their sizes optimized.   

Are Easy to Read: Fancy fonts are great when used sparingly, but the focus should always be on text that is readable to all visitors. This means the standard black text on a white background with common type fonts, should be the default choice unless stylistically is does not work. In that case, whatever text and font choices you choose should not sacrifice legibility for style. After all people are coming to your site to learn about your company not to be dazzled by a font.

Are easy to navigate: Some of the top websites have dozens of pages, yet they focus on your being able to easily navigate through the relevant ones to get to what you want. This attention to ease of navigation makes visitors comfortable, knowing that if they get stuck anywhere there will be an easy or logical way to find their way back to familiar territory. 

Have interactive Elements: Today the use of video and animations on top websites has exploded. Inclusion of these gives the website an opportunity for visitors to be interactive which visiting. By prompting them to play a video or animation they become part of the experience and feel more engaged. This is one key strategy that top websites use in the area of interactivity. 

Become an Authority on a Subject: Very few top sites became so by exactly duplicating a subject that has already been perfected by someone else. They may be in the same category, but they have their own spin on a topic and deliver it to visitors in their own way.

Now you know why you continue to visit the Internet’s top sites.