Everywhere that you look you can find positive inspiration, individuals who have succeeded in life or business and people who you can take a great deal of motivation from. One such person for myself is Arnon Dror who is a VP of finance and operations and who was once the VP of finance for Xerox. I have followed Arnon’s career very carefully and his high level professionalism and his ability to win no matter where he goes, plus the fact that he is a fellow Celtics fan hasn’t been lost on me! What inspires me the most about Arnon is his continuous efforts to refine his business acumen and succeed wherever he is, and here is how you can be as successful as he is.


Commitment above all else is what will get you to a position like Arnon is, it will keep you driven and it will be the difference between your success and those who claim to want it. Arnon has worked all over the US, starting in Portland Oregon and then moving throughout the states, his commitment to his own success is what has kept him driven all of this time and this is how you can find your success.


There is a stigma attached to those who are successful in business that you need to be some kind of monster to succeed, but this simply isn’t the case. Arnon has a reputation of being very kind to others, including business associates and he has even been known for trafficking business to contacts that he has, so that they can succeed too. This kindness for fellow business leaders and contacts both inside and outside your industry is something that will pay you great dividends in the future. The old adage is certainly true that if you aren’t kind to people on your way up, you’ll regret it on your way down, this certainly won’t be the case with Arnon Dror.


You don’t get to realize your success if you are not prepared to work for it and as we mentioned before, Arnon has constantly sought to improve himself and refine the business skills which he possesses. If you want to find success, be it in business or any other aspect of your life, you must be prepared to put the work in as nobody is going to give it to you for free.


One must be ambitious enough to go after their dreams and if you really want the success that you say you do, you also must have the ambition to chase your dreams and make them a reality. Even as a youngster Arnon knew that he was destined for great things and he made sure that his ambition and his drive were aligned to this, the rest as they say is history.

If you want to realize your success, base yourself on someone like Arnon Dror and you can’t go wrong!