If you have a passion for something then why not join the thousands of people in the World like Michael Thomas Eckhardt who have created their very own blogs. It has never been easier than it is right now to create a blog and the beauty of it is that you will have completely free reign over how it looks and what content you put on there.

There are many benefits to blogging about something which you are passion about, it is a great creative outlet, it can help you to meet like-minded people and you could even end up making some money out of it. If you feel as though you don’t have the technical knowledge to set up your own blog then here is a quick start guide for you to do so.

Start With a Name

The first thing to do is think about a name for your website and what it will be about, start playing with ideas of articles that you may write or photos and videos that you may put on the site.

Find A CMS

A CMS or content management system is basically a platform that has been set up which makes it super easy for people with no technical knowledge to start and manage their very own website. The most popular is probably WordPress and it is not only super simple to use but also has a great deal of information and guides thanks to its busy user forum.

Buy Your Site

Using either a direct website like GoDaddy or even doing so directly form you CMS, you now need to buy your site. Keep your fingers crossed that the name which you have chosen for you site is available, hopefully it is and you will be able to snap up your new domain. The price of a domain is not very high and you should be able to get on for under $10.


Every website needs to be hosted by someone, its kind of like paying rent to put your site down somewhere, many companies will charge less than $2 per month for hosting and some of the CMS’ out there will even do it for you.

Converting to CMS

The most technical thing which you will have to do when setting up your website is to convert it to the CMS so that you can easily manage how the site looks. This can be done by most hosting companies and there will be plenty of help out there to make the migration easy for you.


This is where the CMS comes in to its own, designing your site is super simple and you can spend hours playing around with different layouts, colors and fonts until you have just what you want. I you are short of ideas then have a look around some of the websites that you love and take inspiration.

All that is left for you to do now is fill your site with awesome content and use social media to go and tell the World about who you are.