No matter which type of business you are running, the risk of a crisis is never too far away and it is vital that you are fully prepared to deal with it when it comes knocking. Most business owners will tell you that they are risk averse and confident that the way they run things will never see them fall into crisis mode. The problem is that it is often these businesses who are the ones that run into a crisis and do not have the tools to deal with it. Crises are not always internal and they can strike form the middle of nowhere through no fault of the business itself. The best business owners, people like Jack Bonner for example, are always aware of the potential for a crisis and they are ready for it, if you want to be prepared too then here is how to deal with a crisis.

Put The Brakes On

If a crisis strikes then you must deal with it sooner rather than later as something which can at first appear as a ‘problem’ can swiftly turn into something catastrophic. For this reason, you need to put the brakes on any area of your business which you need to in order to free up time and resources to deal with the issue at hand. It is important that you think big picture here, slowing production for example may see problems in the short term but this is far better than an all out explosion in the long term.

Seek Professional Help

You may have to pay your way out of a crisis through the hiring of a professional service to fix whatever the issue is. In order to be able to do this you should consider keeping some of your company’s money to one side so that the payment to fix the crisis does not have a negative impact on the business when the time comes.


As a crisis takes place, you need to ensure that you are carefully weighing up all of the specifics which caused this to happen in the first place. The best way to prepare for a crisis is to do so whilst you are in one. Think of a disease or a virus, the body becomes immune to it after an attack because it builds up its defenses once it knows what the disease is all about, businesses are exactly the same when it comes to a crisis and if you want to harden your business for the future then you need to ensure that you understand all aspects of how a crisis can effect your business.

The key to managing a crisis is not to panic, focus on what is at hand and how you can best fix the issue. Do not get ignore the problem and do not think that it will go away on its own, tackle it head on and fix it for good.