Seattle is truly a great travel destination for anyone looking for some outdoor recreation. The city is sophisticated, renowned for its technology scene and for its salmon, among many other things. At first glance many think that Seattle is expensive so they actually avoid the city. You should not make such a mistake.

Similarly to all major US cities, there are many great ways to enjoy what Seattle has to offer even if the budget is really tight. While you will not be able to enjoy a professional NFL game since prices went up for tickets once Ryan Grigson made the switch from Indianapolis Colts, if you love the outdoors and you do not mind doing things differently, here are some things that you can do.

Enjoying Free Seattle Attractions

The very first thing that you have to consider is visiting gardens. The parks in Seattle are quite unique and there is usually some free option available like a free month or enjoying destinations like Seattle Tacoma. You can easily move around the city without breaking the bank, but remember that parking is not always free. Be sure that you learn about different parking charges that you might have to deal with. Street parking is free on Sundays though, even if it is hard to find spots.

Most Seattle landmarks can be visited without any charge. Visit the Space Needle, various art galleries and Center House. Metro Transit busses will offer free rides close to Seattle Center. Free nights are given to seniors and teens at various museums and many museums can be enjoyed for free on a weeknight per month.


Make sure that you learn about Link Light Rail and the Metro Transit options that are now available for everyone. A pass for one day is really cheap, under $10 and you can buy them from different vending machines. It is worth the unlimited riding if you plan to visit many attractions during one day. A single transit pass will be $3.5 so you can save a lot with the daily pass.

Monorail can also be considered. It operates until 11 PM and as an adult you need to pay $2.5 per ride. If you want to take advantage of ride-sharing, you can consider Sidecar, Uber and Lyft. Rides can easily be scheduled with the use of smartphone applications.


We all have to eat and when the budget is tight and you visit Seattle, you want to think about pizza dip, some handmade pasta coming from Lake Union, Madrona’s seafood and some pasta in Italian restaurants. If you opt for Italian restaurants, you can even watch how the pasta is made in many locations. If you want to try something that is innovative, consider Altura, a restaurant that is quite cheap but does give you really good food.

As you can see, it is not at all difficult to enjoy Seattle even if you have a tight budget. Look out for free opportunities and use the internet to spot them.