Last year I went through what was quite a painful process of redecorating my bathroom, the reason for the difficulty was that it hadn’t been freshen up in over 30 years and it needed a major overhaul. One of the biggest challenges that I faced with deciding on a color scheme and it became the cause of many an argument in my home. Thankfully I bumped into an old college friend Steve Silvers Empire Today ex-CEO no less, who was on hand to help my wife and I select the perfect color scheme for our bathroom. If you are looking at doing a redecoration job on your bathroom then here are some of the tips which I followed in order to make my decision.

White Installations

If you are going to be putting in a new bathtub or sink in your bathroom then make sure that they are white in color. The reason for this is that fashions change throughout the years and white is always in fashion when it comes to bathrooms. Also the color white can be combined perfectly with any number of colors from grey or slate to black or even pink which means that should you wish to make some changes later on down the line, your white installations will not need to be changed.


When it comes to the color scheme of your bathroom you should make sure that it is as simple as possible. Flair and additional colors or styles can always be given to the bathroom with the things that you put in it and the best course of action is to give yourself a canvas which can be altered and changed.

Impact Wall

Try not to go crazy when it comes to the colors for your bathroom, remember that this is a room of relaxation and ultimately a sanctuary. If you do want to make an impact however then consider adding a large block of color to just one of the walls inside the bathroom. This could be a large tiled wall or even a large block of color behind the vanity, once you have done this you can compliment the color with things that you put in your bathroom to give it a great effect.


If you are really stuck when it comes to which colors you should use for your bathroom then the best course of action will be to do some research and use what you see ether online or in magazines. The beauty of a bathroom is that color schemes will not look any better or worse depending on the size of your bathroom and if you have seen something that you like, then why not use that for your own bathroom. This was exactly what I did to decide on my color scheme for the bathroom and the result is absolutely perfect.