Whenever you travel, ensuring that your belongings are stored in a safe and secure place is essential. Here are a few ways on how to keep your belongings safe when you travel and how to avoid any risk of theft.

Out of View

The first and most crucial step to ensure your belongings are safe when travelling is keeping them hidden and out of view from any potential pick pocketers. Taking simple steps such as wearing clothing with zipped and inside pockets can help you keep your valuables secure and help you feel safer when travelling. Also, try not to use your phone or tablet in crowded areas as you can be more at risk of theft.

Carry Your Valuables

To add an extra layer of security to your valuables, it is strongly advised to carry them as opposed to packing them in a suitcase. Having your valuables on you can help eliminate any risk of your items being stolen or damaged. Packing your valuables in a suitcase can run the risk of them going missing or being taken so ensure that whatever you deem of value, you keep on you always.


Although travel and baggage insurance is useful for basic items that get lost or stolen, it is not so useful for sentimental items. It is important to bear in mind that travel insurance coverage or airline coverage will not cover the full amount of your valuables as they have strict procedures in place and maximum payout limits. The good news is you can use other insurance for your valuables. For example, if you have a business item that goes missing, your business insurance provider will be able to cover the costs. Make sure you research thoroughly beforehand on what type of insurance plan could work best for you.

Locking Your Items

It goes without saying that those who do not lock their luggage are more at risk of having their valuables stolen. Simple precautionary measures such as purchasing digit code locks can help eliminate theft and ensure your valuables are well secured. There are a variety of locks that you can choose from and many come with a key to open them, so it is vital that you keep the key in a safe place, so you can open your luggage.

Security Products

There are many other products that you can purchase to increase the security of your valuables. Purchasing a money belt that you can wear around your waist can fit in the necessities you need such as your phone, money and keys. Another useful tip is to purchase a lock wallet which makes it harder for thieves to read and scan your credit card details. Websites like Graded Reviews can give you more information on what a lock wallet is.

It would also be a good idea to keep photocopies of any important documents at home so you are covered should the unfortunate happen, and your baggage does get stolen. As long as you take heed of the tips above, you should be able to enjoy your trip worry free.