People react differently during pandemics. Today’s COVID-19 pandemic creates fear, anxiety, and stress foreveryone. Depending on the background, people respond to stress accordingly. According to the CDC, there some group of people who are probably to respond stronger to the stress this pandemic caused and including:

  • Those that are at higher risk like the elderly and with underlying medical conditions.
  • Children and teens especially those in countries where they are prohibited from going out
  • Frontliners
  • Essential workers
  • People with an existing mental health condition
  • Those that lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • People with disability
  • People living alone in far places
  • The homeless
  • Those with limited access to information

It is important to take control of our mental health this time of pandemic and here are some of the healthy lifestyles one can practice maintaining a healthy mind.

Staying Active – when someone is active, the mind is pre-occupied instead of worrying about what can happen because of the pandemic. Gyms and gatherings can be prohibited, there are still a lot of activities one can do that does not violate the health protocols. There are exercises like aerobics, yoga, Zumba, and others than can be done online. If one is into outdoor sports like cycling, you can buy a trainer and enjoy cycling indoors. However, cycling can be done with a limited company and avoid large crowds. Jogging, and walking can be done outside of the house and away from the crowd safely.

Take time to unwind – taking some time to unwind is a perfect way to maintain good mental health this time of the pandemic. Going on a vacation and playing one’s favorite outdoor games is limited at this time. However, there are lots of online activities one can do to unwind and that includes playing one’s favorite RPG games online, which is very popular with gamers today, or some online casino games at right at the comfort of their home.

Get enough sleep –one must have enough sleep for the benefit of a person’s overall health. According to health professionals, adults aged 18-60 years should have at least seven hours of sleep while kids need longer sleep each night because sleep is a must needed booster for optimum performance of the body during the daytime.

Proper diet and nutrition– health organizations and health professionals are always reminding the public to boost the immune system and take loads of vitamin C, fibers, and more. Thus, eating healthy foods like green leafy vegetables, fresh herbs, fruits and more is a must. Avoiding junk foods and processed snacks are also highly recommended.

Self-care–everybody is busy taking care of family and friends. However, one should also not forget to take care of him or herself. Having Me time is important for everyone. These Me times can be a time for meditation, relaxation watching their favorite movies, or listening to their favorite music, quality time with family, and personal care.

Healthcare maintenance–people with an underlying health condition should take their medications on time all the time as prescribed by their healthcare providers. When things go out of the usual, one should talk to their provider immediately. This time of COVID-19, some of the health care providers can easily reachonline.

Coping with stress and anxiety–everyone has a different way of coping with stress and anxiety this time of the pandemic. Taking a break from the pandemic news can be helpful and coping with stress. Getting updates about the pandemic by watching and hearing the news or reading in social media can be upsetting and will just create fear.

Stay connected– now that everyone is into isolation or the so-called quarantine, it is a good idea to talk to family and friends to reduce anxiety and minimize the possibility of feeling down and probably fear. Make use of all the possible media available from social media to the instant messaging app to phone calls.

Pray – the most important tool to survive the challenge everyone is facing is to pray. Online mass and fellowship and now widely available online and they are going live also almost every hour. They can even be heard over religious radio stations. Reading the bible every can also help as this will remind everyone that God is always in control.

If things go beyond control, keeping an emergency number on hand is a big help. From hospitals to police stations to fire stations and more can be contacted to seek help other than 911.