Have you ever considered that your sex life could be impacting your mental health? Despite a heightened awareness of the links between physical, mental and sexual wellbeing, it’s easy to overlook how life between the sheets could be affecting you psychologically.

Not only will an active sex life help to maintain a healthy relationship between you and your spouse, but it’s also important for your self-esteem and sense of identity. With this in mind, here are three ways your sex life could be impacting your mental health, and what to do about it.

Casual Sex

According to Psychology Today, those who engage in brief sexual encounters tend to exhibit more signs of loneliness and depression than others who abstain or have sex with a permanent partner. Other common reactions include low self-esteem, guilt, and confusion. Unfortunately, there are other risks associated with having sex with someone you don’t know, including sexual diseases, lack of consent and other safety concerns.

So should you avoid casual sex entirely? Not if you enjoy it and you use protection. While research suggests that casual sex affects us in mixed ways, there is evidence to suggest that as long as you have sex for the right reasons (because you want to) rather than because you feel pressurized or you’re trying to make yourself feel better, the emotional outcome can be more positive.

Sexual Performance Problems

Issues with sexual performance affect millions of men all over the world, but their effect on women shouldn’t be discounted either. While erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are common in men, there are more products available to them such as Promescent last longer spray. However, loss of libido and self-esteem issues are also prevalent among women.

As if it weren’t complicated enough, the problems that impact men can also have a direct effect on the confidence of their partner. Although it is rarely the case, a vast number of women and men see themselves as responsible for their male partner’s impotence or sexual problems, and this can be damaging to their self-confidence. If your man struggles to maintain an erection and this is having a negative impact on your sex life, consider trying to resolve the issue with medication or a penis pump. Bathmate Direct provides safe, efficient hydro pumps that enlarge the penis using warm water.


Along with mutually respectful, consensual sex, masturbation is another sexual practice that promotes mental wellbeing rather than diminishes it. Research suggests that regular solo sex can improve body image, self-esteem and release endorphins in the blood, but without the emotional response that often arises from sex with a partner.

In Conclusion

Sex and mental health are inextricably linked. As well as the fact that your sex life impacts your emotional wellbeing, the reverse can also be true. Not only can depression lower the libido, but paradoxically, certain anti-depressant medications can also cause loss of sex drive and impotence.

The more we learn about the mind/body connection, the more critical it becomes to look after ourselves physically, mentally and sexually. This means going to regular checkups, being careful about who you jump into bed with, and looking after yours and your partner’s emotional needs, as well as responding to your physical desires.