When a person decides to make teaching their career they are saying that they are looking for a special job that will use all of their skills and time and that will cause them to challenge themselves at every turn. Teaching is a full time profession that can provide a wealth of benefits and a level of satisfaction few other careers can offer. However, being able to do this job well, requires a lot of assistance from others, and some teaching tools as well.

Recently, it was revealed that teachers in New Jersey have been have been unexpectedly quitting their jobs.  The reasons for their doing this are varied and concerning because none of them have to do with their losing their love for teaching. New Jersey School boards are concerned as they should because the first to go are usually the ones who care the most. Why are teachers leaving their jobs? Here are some of the main reasons:

Give Them Great Teaching Tools

Teaching requires in addition to the things the teacher brings to the job regarding a skill set and personality attributes, tools and strategies that are effective at teaching the students on the subject in focus. Often a school district, like many in New Jersey are tight on funds and cannot afford the latest teaching tools for its teachers. Or, they spend money on other things rather than hiring a company like Eitner Education, who provides teacher training and top quality education tools. At the head of this company is Jay Eitner a former teacher and administrator who understand the tools needed to educate kids and keep them motivated to learn. The benefits of working with Eitner Educations is felt directly by teachers and the know that the school system is doing all it can to provide the best, ensuring that they are effective.

Show Tehm  Respect and Appreciation

Unfortunately, being a teacher does not typically afford you with lots of prizes and attention. Unless of course you are one of the superstar teachers of which there are only a few dozen across the country. If you are just a talented, dedicated, and hard-working teacher you can expect that other than a few students and parents singing your praises, you will not be acknowledged until you retire that is. Teachers understand this and very few are looking for statues or busts of them made in their honor.

But too often teachers are disrespected by students, parents and even administrators who feel that everything that happens bad in the classroom is the fault of the teacher. Overseeing a classroom with 30 students, some of whom have problems at home, discipline and motivation problems and others who are just plain bored, is a difficult task. You have to deal with social, race, gender, and sex issues all the while teaching developing children the subject they are supposed to learn in your classroom.

Too infrequently, do teachers get the level of respect they deserve. They put in brutal hours for average wages and are usually tired most of the time. Some run into brick wall when trying to connect with parents, and other times they are hard on themselves because they can’t make every student successful. Giving them respect and appreciation makes them feel like the sacrifices they are making is worthwhile.