If you happen to be from the Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota area, you’ll know all about Lupient Minneapolis. This is the automotive group led by Jeff Lupient, which has become one of the biggest of its kind in the region.

Being the President of such a large corporation, it could be said that Lupient has almost become a star of the industry. His stock is as high as can be, and he has access to some insights which many of us have never set eyes upon.

Bearing this in mind, we have today charged him with the task of revealing the direction in which the direction of the auto industry is heading. We’ll now take a look at the three ways that he has identified.

The rise of sustainability

There’s a lot in the news about Elon Musk projects right now, but according to Jeffrey Lupient this is only the tip of the iceberg. He says that Tesla has formed just a tiny fraction of the sustainable market, and consumers should look out for hybrid and existing electric charged vehicles when making their next buying decision.

The costs of these vehicles have fallen dramatically over the last few years. We’ve now got to a stage where it is very much cost effective for a customer to trade in an older car, and replace it with one of the above sustainable solutions, and ultimately reap the financial savings due to the lower fuel consumption.

Will self-drive vehicles ever reach our roads?

There has been much in the news about self-drive vehicles over the last twelve months. Whilst some of this news might not have painted them in completely high glory, Jeff Lupient MN says that it’s not delayed the inevitable. In other words, they will eventually hit our roads, and we need to get used to the notion.

The fact that so many of the biggest companies in the world have latched onto the self-drive car concept means it’s become a true industry race. A lot of cars are already starting to incorporate plenty of automation, and it’s just a matter of time before this occurs with an entire vehicle.

The indirect changes

We’ve spoken about two huge technological issues, but according to Jeffrey W. Lupient you really need to delve deeper into these subjects to realize the effect they will have on the entire automobile industry.

There’s no doubt that self-drive cars, once the manufacturers get the technology right at least, are going to make the roads a lot safer. The end goal is a monumental reduction in accidents, so road users can take to their journeys without the fear of catastrophe happening.

This is obviously great news from a direct sense, but let’s take a look at another area that will be affected. We all pay rising insurance premiums, which are designed to kick into play if we are involved in a collision. As this is less likely to happen, Lupient has posed the question on just what will happen to these insurance companies?