Many jobs are strenuous and physically demanding. They test our strength and resolve and send us to sleep exhausted at night. Many of these jobs also have a habit of creating back pain. Neurosurgeon, Dr. Joseph Yazdi warns, “Chronic back pain is a debilitating condition that can cause people to be irritable and prone to certain illnesses.” Additionally, back pain can be a warning that work related stress on the spine is causing you a serious health issue. If you are in an occupations that is prone to back pain, get yourself checked out and consider changing careers if needed. Here are a few of the careers where many of the workers have back pain.

Truck Driver

Truck drivers can spend days at a time on the road behind the wheel of a big rig. The stress and strain placed on a driver’s back and legs from the driving position uneven roads and tension from making sure the rig doesn’t end up in a ditch is a chef’s recipe for long term back pain. There are dozens of situations a driver faces that causes pain but the most physical stress on truck drivers comes from driving through mountainous areas as they maneuver curves and pull their truckload uphill. Because there is a constant need for both feet to work and usually both hands as well around the wide and difficult to turn steering wheel, the stress is constantly on a driver. In addition, drivers are also asked to help load and unload their trucks. Sometimes lifting thousands of pounds of heavy boxes or equipment often on little or no sleep. So it is no surprise that many long haul truck drivers suffer from constant back pain and find themselves needing procedures including back surgery either during or shortly after their careers.

Hollywood Stunt Person

You might imagine that people who get paid to take risks and perform dangerous stunts for a living might also be at high risk for back injuries and you would be right. Stunt people work in the entertainment industry and are the actual people who jump off the buildings, get into the car crashes, get beat up in fights, and dive out of airplanes in your favorite movies and television shows. Of course you would not know this because from the viewer’s point of view, it is the Hollywood star doing the stunt. The training for these stunts is usually or more dangerous that the actual stunts themselves because many of them have never been performed before and because there are often many part to a stunt being performed on the fly, often things do not go as planned. And although great planning is done in advance, things take sudden turns during filming. The result is that sometimes a dangerous stunt gets made even more dangerous and the stunt people can get hurt. This is the reason why insurance on Hollywood action films is so expensive, there is a history of injury and as fans demand even more amazing stunts, the incidence of injury and especially back injury will remain high.

Construction Worker

Construction sites are a ballet of carefully coordinated movements of men and large machinery. If you observe one it will seem at any minute more than ten major accidents are about to happen and that nearly everyone working is in danger of being killed. Yet the truth is that these hotbeds of activity are usually well-run and coordinated for safety’s sake. With this said however, because of the amount of construction that is always going on and the sheer danger relating to the job, construction sites are always at or near the top of the most dangerous workplaces. Construction workers are asked to lift, pull, push, steer, yank, and roll materials that weigh many several times their weight and often these actions lead to injury. Adding to the issue is that construction bosses are always pressing to get the job done quickly, construction workers tend to work long hours and they are constantly banged up and in pain already. In these circumstances, injuries are common, particularly to the back because much of the work involves utilizing the back muscles and spine.