Workflow management software is vital to the success of many businesses, and particularly those in the service management industry. However, what is even more important, and what should be employed in all types of industries, is audit trail software. While workflow management software feeds into that, audit trail software is actually far more important. This is because it keeps everything above board, leaving a business fully accountable.

How Does it Work?

Audit trail software has been created specifically to keep a trail of every step that is taken within a business. This includes specific actions, and signing off on an operation. Once it is properly installed and configured, it will then record every event that happens and store it according to predefined parameters. If, for instance, a repair has to be completed, it would log that request and then log everything an operative did on the repair, when and where they did it, how long for, which materials were used and in what quantities, and whether they had the work signed off as well.

In this example, each stage would be logged on the system both as part of the trail of the specific repair, and as separate events. It is then possible to look at specific events as well, such as which materials are used most often, how long the average time taken to complete a repair is, and which managers sign off on a job, for instance.

It Captures Contact with Others

If a customer has contact with the business, this can instantly be logged. Again, it is an element of cross-referencing. There will be a log on the customer’s account, but also on the account of the operative who took the call, and the agent that resolved the issue. It will log what services were offered, whether there were complaints or compliments, and so on. In other words, thanks to audit trail software, a business can find out any data about any of its operations in an instant.

It Integrates with Other Tools

Audit trail software can also be integrated with various other pieces of technology and software, including workflow management software. It is also highly suitable for a mobile workforce, as well as for asset management and scheduling purposes. Essentially, it is a powerful package that is able to manage a business, coordinate its operations, and ensure efficient service deliveries. But most importantly, it keeps that all-important audit trail that integrates all of the different elements of a business. A trail of events is always available on any element of the operations.

Very simply put, this type of software provides businesses with an electronic, automated way of completing, compiling, and maintaining a full audit trail, which is important for efficient management as well as being a legal regulatory requirement. Because it also logs working hours and materials used, it can be used for various external audits. This includes tax audits, workforce audits, investment audits, and various other functions.