Whenever discussing electricity transportation and production, there are things that should cover emergencies. The truth is that you never actually know when something bad is going to happen. Even if you have a system that is perfectly built and highly efficient, unforeseen problems can always disrupt power distribution.

The modern way of living practically relies on electricity. Just think about how you feel in the event power goes out. We cannot charge our smartphones, factories cannot work and practically we remain in the dark. The modern world is now using electricity for practically anything. Because of this, it is important to be prepared for anything that could go wrong. Lindsey Manufacturing Company fully understands this and created the ERS operations.

When thinking about emergency power needs, we often refer to natural disasters, like flooding or earthquakes. Towers can go down and entire mountainsides can collapse. Lindsey steps up with lightweight ERS structures that can quickly get the power line operating. Everything is practically done by choosing a new transportation path. The permanent structures that are damaged are bypassed.

How does everything work?

Specialists from Lindsey Manufacturing normally first go to the affected site. This is necessary in order to assess the exact damage that exists. Then, an alternate power distribution route is determined. Based on the use of Lindsey ERS structures, the transmission lines that are damaged are going to be fully bypassed. You can eliminate the need to go through substations and new systems are put in place.

The great thing about using the Lindsey ERS structures is that this can be done incredibly fast. We are talking about the fastest possible installation, which in turn will automatically make power available again.

What is particularly interesting with the ERS option from Lindsey is that the new system that is created is completely mobile in the sense that it can be removed and re-used. However, this does not mean it always happens. There are some emergency installations that happened and that are still in place 10 years after the initial installation. This is how reliable the Lindsey ERS is.

Emergency Restoration At Its Finest

Lindsey ERS now stands out as a leading choice for utilities. This is true for all around the world. All the ERS structures manage to bypass the permanent towers while being able to be used in practically any setting. There is no restriction that appears when referring to where the towers can be added and where they cannot be installed.

One of the most important parts of installing a restoration system is efficiency. This is as high as it can be. The new power lines and towers that are installed will be just as good or better than what was already in place. In fact, because of the fact that in many cases we see that emergencies happen in areas where systems are very old, the ERS that is put in place by Lindsey Manufacturing is normally chosen as the new delivery system that is utilized in the area.