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Planning a wedding is such a huge undertaking that it’s easy to overlook some important details. For example, the bride, groom, or their families could forget to place signage that directs guests to the location of the ceremony and the reception.

Even when most people have a GPS or map application on their phone, it still easy to drive past a site that isn’t familiar to them. Here are seven other details that anyone planning a wedding should be sure to incorporate:

Choose someone to round up family members and other important wedding guests for photos. The photographer won’t automatically know who to include, and making this a person’s dedicated job saves everyone a lot of time.

Create a music playlist before the reception: While the DJ will manage the order of songs, he or she needs to know which songs to play. The couple should create a list, along with several back-ups, of songs for different situations. Some common examples include the father-daughter dance and the cocktail hour.

Plan in advance how to decorate the cake table: A wedding cake is typically a central focal point at most receptions. The bride and groom can expect to have many photos take of them in front of it, so it makes sense to decorate the cake table as nicely as possible. Placing a fine linen cloth on the table is a good idea. Another thought is to place several tealight candles on the cake table and set the cake on a riser to help it really stand out.

Check with the band to learn their lighting preferences: Since most wedding venues don’t have in-house lighting already established, the bride and groom will need to check with the band before the big day to see what they prefer. Another thing to consider is that some people have sensitivities to certain types of lighting such as strobe lights. Choosing the most conservative lighting available is often a good idea for this reason.

Obtain the marriage license 24 hours before the ceremony: The requirements to obtain a marriage license and when to collect it vary between states. However, the bride or groom should plan to obtain the certificate the day before the ceremony and ensure that they have met all requirements for a legal marriage.

Decide what to do about kids at the ceremony: Children are unpredictable and can easily disrupt a wedding. Providing them with activities to distract them as they enter the wedding venue, such as a coloring book and crayons, is one idea. Another is to consider hiring caregivers that will entertain the children in another room or offer to pay for private sitters.

Invest in cufflinks for the groom, best man, groomsmen, and each of the fathers: Personalized or other custom cufflinks for a wedding add a nice touch to a man’s appearance and is something a lot of people don’t think to do. They make for memorable photos and a unique appearance for all who wear them.

Even with these tips, the bride and groom may overlook something. The most important thing is to relax and enjoy the wedding celebration with family and friends.