Right now the entire CBD medical oil industry is seen as profitable as the NFL, which is an incredibly high value. CBD compounds are constantly investigated and it seems that brand new health benefits are discovered every single month. This is true for both humans and dogs.

If you are interested in buying CBD based products for your pet, the most important thing at the end of the day is to choose a highly reliable dog CBD oil company. You do not want to buy such a product from someone that does not offer high quality since it would be dangerous for your dog.

How do you assess the CBD oil company? Everything should boil down to analyzing the following things.

Extraction Methods Used

CBD-rich oil has to be extracted right from cannabis. This is possible through various methods, which is normally not known by the average buyer. There are so many companies out there that are using really cheap methods involving some toxic solvents like pentane, hexane, propane and butane. This lives various unsafe residues that are actually damaging for the dog.

What you should see is CO2 extraction. This is a method that utilizes carbon dioxide while under low temperatures and high pressure. It is capable of maintaining medicinal oil purity. The extraction method is more expensive and does involve more complex equipment. However, quality is ensured so you can be sure that your dog is safe.


CBD oil quality is always based on source. This includes factors like where the plant was grown, how this happened and what species it is (for instance, indica, ruderalis or sativa). Cannabis is a plant that is hyperaccumulator. This means that it easily absorbs soil contaminants during growth. When the soil is polluted, cannabis ends up containing really high levels of mercury or lead. It is quite obvious that this is not what you want for your dog.

There are different CBD oil companies that are just interested in profit. These have to be avoided so just buy from the brands that source cannabinoids from hemp-grown farms that are organic-certified and located in top European regions. As an example, the regulatory system in Germany is really strict and highly enforced.


A really big problem would be buying a product that claims to include CBD when the reality is that content is 0%. Numerous companies were fined in the past since they did not offer any CBD, even if this was the claim. This should be avoided at all costs but you should also think about the fact that how much CBD is added counts.


Generally, whenever you see some outrages claims that seem too good to be true, it is a good idea to look for another CBD oil company. The use of “window dressing” is quite common in this industry. Medicinal cannabis is an industry that does invite so many shady merchants. It is common to see a lack of transparency. You want to deal with those firms that are as transparent as possible. Quality standards should be as high as possible.