Last year was the first time that I had to visit a member of my family in hospital and I have to be honest, I really wasn’t ready for what I found. I’m not sure what I was expecting when I walked through the hospital doors but from the moment that I began traipsing the corridors, I had a rude awakening as I was exposed to the scents, sounds and sights of hospital life.

Unfortunately for my mother, there was a mistake during her surgery last year and we have since had to work closely with the hospital and our lawyers Slater & Gordon to attempt to fix the issue, something that has resulted in many more hospital visits. Because of this experience, I wanted to share with you how you need to mentally prepare yourself before going in to hospital to visit your loved one.

Expect to See Everything and Anything

Hospitals are very well sectioned and any procedures or treatments will almost always happen in a private room. In spite of this, you should be prepared to witness just about anything when inside a hospital. Doing this means that you will be prepared should you catch a glimpse of something that can be unsettling, the hope is that you won’t see anything of the sort but preparing yourself mentally can help you to cope should the unthinkable happen.

Being Respectful

It is completely possible that you could be going in to the hospital to be with your loved one after the birth of a child. If this is the case then you will need to ensure that you are respectful to other patients during your time in the hospital. Good news is often hard to come by in the hospital and celebrating it whilst others are sad is not a nice way to act.

Understanding The Professionals

There can be a temptation inside hospitals when visiting your loved ones to question what the nurses and doctors are doing. Now, there is nothing wrong with asking questions about the health of your loved one or their treatment plan, but calling in to question the decisions that have been made by professionals is not a smart plan and it can interrupt them in their very important job. By all means get yourself informed, but avoid questioning too much.

Anticipate a Change

When you visit your family member or friend, you should expect that they will not be looking their usual selves. This is perfectly normal of course given their position but it is something which you may not be used to seeing. This can be particularly hard if the person you are going to see is usually well dressed and maintained. Just remember that in order for them to get back to their best, they will need this time in hospital to be treated, recuperate and recover.

Make sure that you consider all of these things before going in to the hospital so that you can avoid having a tough experience when you go to visit your loved one.