There are things that patient can do that will make all of the difference in the speed and quality of his or her recovery from surgery. These includes that things that can be done before and after surgery. Here is a list of some of the most important things that surgeons like Michael Giuffrida recommend that any patient do to speed and increase the quality of their recovery

Eat Healthy

Healthy food is a necessary requirement for you to be best prepared for your surgery and to heal quicker and better after. Healthy food means a balanced diet that has ample amounts of protein fats and carbohydrates Each of these foods groups play an important role In your body getting back to normal and having the right nutrients to heal. So several weeks before your surgery start eating healthy balanced meals and stay on track with this. Then after you have your surgery and are back on normal food get back on to your healthy food plan. You feel better and help your body to heal and get back to normal quicker.

Keep a Positive Attitude

You will likely experience a range of emotions about your surgery. These will include everything from happiness to full on fear. Before your surgery you will go through bouts of anxiety about what might happen with your surgery. And after you will struggle at times with what has happened and also the meds will wreak havoc with your emotions. There will also be setbacks as there always are doing the healing process. The key for you is to work diligently on controlling your emotions and keeping a positive attitude before and after your surgery. Your attitude plays a big role in your healing so you need to remain positive. If you are finding you cannot reach a happy state call friends or family, watch some comedy or do something else that makes you happy.

Listen To Your Doctor Not Your Body

Your doctor will give an overall plan for healing and it will include your list of meds what you can do physically when and your schedule for doctor visits Some of the things he might tell you might not fit with how your body feel. For instance you might feel ready to move in certain ways. But it is important to know that your doctor is observing you, checking your vital sings and is aware of other factors that will determine what should be done when. So although your body might be giving you certain signals the key is to listen to your doctors and stick with his plan for your recovery. This will ensure that you heal quicker and better.

Have visitors

This is not the time that you want to be isolated and alone Call friend and family and anyone else who makes you feel normal and ask them to come around for a visit. This will get you feeling like your life is returning to normal and give you a chance to take your mind off the operation. Have them tell jokes or watch a funny film with you anything to show you that you are healing and moving in the right direction for your recovery. Do this every day if possible.