If you ask beach lovers to name some of their favourite swath of sand and waters, the answers will surely change with the tides. Our planet is covered with lakes, seas and oceans, and this only means there’s beaches to enjoy at, any time of the year. From turquoise bays full with coloured fishes to pearly crescents packed with shells, there are not two beaches which are the same. Here’s the top five beaches around the globe!


Playa del Amor, Marietas islands, Mexico

Referred to as the “Hidden Beach” by local, Playa del Amor is encircled by a huge rock ring forming a natural oculus for the sky and the sun. You can swim through pale blue waters by getting to this beach, from a nearly invisible opening. Commonly visited by families, friends or lovers, only 6 people at once can visit this beach, through pre-booked tours.

Anse Source d’Argent, La Digue, Seychelles

Anse Source d’Argent, found in Seychelles, is known as the most photographed beach in the globe. Found in the Indian Ocean, this beach looks like a movie set design due to its snowy white sand, greenish palm trees, sunny weather and calm green waters. Plus, you can have your way into the nearby green jungles for some distractions.

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Sunset Beach, Brunswick Islands, North Carolina

Like the name suggests, one of the best places to have a blissful orange sunset is the Sunset Beach. This beach is most famous for its pier on which the prettiest sunsets have been captured, while the sky was painted in amazing colours. Also, at the end of this beach, there’s a mailbox which has been sitting there since 70’s. Visitors are invited to drop their notebooks after writing their wishes, dreams and thoughts on it.


Lazy Beach, Koh Rong Samloem Island, Cambodia

You’ll have the perfect time to relax and be away from all stress at the Lazy Beach. Submerged in silky sand beaches, and surrounded by crystalline waters, this beach provides small huts. To reach there, just should hop on a wooden boat in Sihanoukville and travel for 2 and a half hours, into the mesmerising Gulf of Thailand.

Shell Beach, Shark Bay, Western Australia

Part of UNESCO World Heritage site, Shell beach found in Shark Bay, is filled with millions of white cockleshells. These can go to 30m deep, and are spread across miles. If you find yourself there, you’ll have the most beautiful pictures, while the sun reflects on the turquoise waters.