The capital city of Sri Lanka produces about two-fifths of the country’s overall economic output. Formerly called Ceylon, it is located in the northern Indian Ocean close to India’s southern coast. This big cosmopolitan city has experienced quite a building boom of high skyscrapers, new roads, several posh hotels, a gigantic TV tower, and a big shopping mall, along with a new harbor port. Divided into 13 districts, it is also the most ethnically mixed place in Sri Lanka with Muslims, Hindus, Christians, and Buddhists. This city is a city with a great mixture of modern life and architecture, along with old colonial buildings and ruins. Dating back centuries, it also served as the perfect location for trade.

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You must be wondering, what you can do here, so let’s check out a list of how you can enjoy yourself in Colombo:

  • Get lost in the beauty of its architecture: The Fort Area of Colombo is the perfect mix of old colonial buildings and modern life and architecture like the hospital building, parliamentary building etc. which are perfect for a stroll. So put on some good walking shoes and just walk through these wonders. Don’t miss out on Pettah on your journey. Take a tuk-tuk to the rest of the sights and if you rest you can simply enjoy some delicious Sri Lankan rice and curry while watching the sunset at Galle Face Green.
  • Sambodhi Chaitiya dagoba/ stupa: The dagoba is on 20 m tall legs so that sailors at the sea could see it. This bright white stupa is actually just north of the Old Galle Buck Lighthouse.
  • Visit Old Galle Buck Lighthouse: Surrounded by old cannons and built in 1954, this lighthouse has a beautiful view of the ocean and Colombo port. It is located on the Marine Drive.
  • Central Point: Built in 1914, its interior is marvelous, especially the chandelier which is the tallest in the whole of Asia. Moreover, the building also houses a museum of local money which is located at Chatham Street, Colombo 1. The entrance is also free.
  • The Clock Tower: Built in 1857, it is located in the junction of Chatham Street and Janadhipathi Mawatha Street. A beauty to behold, don’t miss this on your way.
  • St Peter´s Church: This is the oldest church in Colombo (1821) which is still in use. It is located on Church Street just north of the Grand Oriental Hotel.
  • Cargills Main Store: This beautiful bright red building is a masterpiece that dates back to 1906. Sadly this building is pretty empty but if you want some peace and quiet time, this is the place to visit.
  • Lloyd´s Buildings: This is a stunning newly renovated building which was constructed in 1908. It is located on Sir Baron Jayatilleke Mawatha and is a beauty to visit with family and friends.

Colombo is a city which has learned to live with the past by incorporating it with the present and thus amalgamation can be seen everywhere from its architecture to its culture.