Who has ever explored the Natures’ Sunken Garden, also known as Maldives? Basically, it is a tropical island with sparkling blue water that expands as far as the eye can see. The amazing blue waters will remind several gamers of Sea Hunter Slots, on Regal Wins Casino. This online site consists of not only this exclusive machine, but also many other similar slot games!

This tropical paradise is found in the middle of the Indian Ocean, and contains 1,190 coral islands which stretch over 90,000 sq. km. There are only 200 islands which are occupied by its approximately 400,000 inhabitants. Maldives was relatively unknown to people all around the world until the early 1970s. But nowadays, with its abundant sandy beaches and sea life, this country is viewed as a tropical paradise!

What can you do in Maldives?

Since it has 1,190 islands, you have got loads of areas to discover. However, although the various options, many visitors or travellers opt to lounge on a resort island! If you are a scuba diver, you can make the most of the terrifying shark-filled Fish Head area and the riveting Maldives Victory shipwreck. Certainly, you cannot miss the beautiful beaches over there. The soft sands fade into turquoise reefs underneath blue waters – a magical sight indeed.

Island Hopping

If you are not interested about being under water, you may perhaps go around island hopping and explore the attractive islands all around you. Just enjoy being in the perfect surroundings and live the moment to the fullest.

Go Scuba

Maldives is one of the leading scuba diving destinations. If there is one place that you need to experience it to the maximum, it’s here. There are numerous inexpensive dive centres where you can take a discovery dive if you are not licenced! Snorkelling can be another great option if scuba diving isn’t your thing. The reefs are so pure in Maldives, that you don’t necessarily need to go deep to see a lot!


Maldives is a top-notch surfing destination. This break is believed to be one of the best on the planet, and Dhonveli is also a stop on the pro circuit. Don’t worry if you aren’t a pro. There are several other magnificent islands in the Maldives, where you can take some surfing trainings.

A Flight over Maldives

There is something unique about observing the different shades of water beneath as you fly over Maldives. Various resorts need a flight on a twin-engine float plane to get out of them! The islands make a pattern in the sea as the deep ocean thumps into coral reefs and sandbars. Numerous islands are encircled by miles of low waters, enough to splash through at low tide. You get a real sense of just how beautiful and isolated the islands of the Maldives are from the air.

The high season in Maldives comes in November to April. During these periods, New Year and Christmas are the most expensive, but the very best time to travel. The top months are January to March, when the sky is blue and the water is calm. Therefore, you can start planning for your next trip to Maldives!