Are you a homebody? A social butterfly? Always on the go or maybe never on the go? Whatever type of person you are, one thing is always for certain and that is the need for insurance – for everything! You never know just what will happen whether you’re out and about or staying in, and here’s a couple of situations that could happen both this time of year and any time of year!

Staying In

If you like to stay in, you never know what could happen to you or your possessions even while you’re at home. How many stories have you heard of people accidentally dropping the phones in the toilet? Probably a couple, at least. It happens, but you don’t want to be caught without gadget insurance when it happens to you. Nothing is worse than dropping that new four hundred quid Iphone in the bathtub or toilet and not having it covered. There’s always the handy bag of rice to try… but if it doesn’t work, and you don’t have coverage, that’s another four hundred quid you will be shelling out for a new phone if it can’t be salvaged!

Going Out

Likewise, if you like going out horrible things can happen to your phone on a night out with the girls or boys. You could drop your phone, have a drink spilled on it, drop it in the toilet or sink or perhaps worse yet – it could get stolen. Most insurance plans for things like phones cover theft, so you can rest easy knowing that you’ve gotten yourself some coverage for your gadgets. While having something stolen is upsetting, at least it won’t be as upsetting as having to shell out money for a replacement.

Staying In Part Two

If you like to keep close to home, you still need insurance to cover your home and car, too. Even when you pop our for a bit, things can happen – like burglaries! Truthfully even if you were at home a burglary could happen and you don’t want someone to make off with that lush TV you’ve bought yourself and here’s you not having coverage. Things like fires could also happen, and if your phone happens to be caught in the wake, it could be incredibly pricey if you don’t have insurance.

Going Out Part Two

Travel insurance is incredibly important for those who like to get out and about and spend their time on the road, at the beach and more. Regardless of the kind of travelling you’re doing, travel insurance is necessary. Sickness and injury can happen any time and anywhere and if you are caught abroad and don’t have coverage it can become an incredibly expensive endeavour incredibly quickly. Even if you’re just going out on a small road trip not far from home, having things like car insurance will help prepare you for any eventuality that could come your way.

So there you have a couple of examples of why having insurance coverage is incredibly important, regardless of whether you’re a homebody or a social butterfly. Don’t get caught unprepared or uncovered and get in contact with your friendly neighbourhood insurance broker, like today for the best price to cover all your possessions. Check out the great video below for more information about choosing the best insurance for you.